Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Far-Out Musical TV

I remember when I was little, there was something that you don't really see anymore. Musical Television. And I don't mean "MTV".

Some shows were centered around a musical group while others had music fairly often, though not in every episode.

In deciding to highlight some of my favorite Music Television this week, I didn't realize how many there actually were until I tried to narrow it down to four.

Here are some I remember:

Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters
Donny & Marie
Hee Haw
The Muppet Show

I am not gonna tell you the rest, as it will spoil my surprises for the rest of the week.

My earliest memory of such "Musical TV" was The Ozzie and Harriet Show when Ricky Nelson would play at the local dance club. Enjoy!

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Susie said...

That was feel-good TV:-)