Friday, July 31, 2009

Then and Now

When I was little...

  • I loved creamy peanut butter. Now I prefer Chunky.
  • I loved thick crust pizza. Now I like thin-crust.
  • I said "supper". Now I say dinner.
  • I used to lisp (interdental lisp, "th"). Now I don't, but some of my friend's say I have a "hissing" lisp (dentalised lisp)...weird. I don't hear it.
  • I used to ride my bike everywhere. Now the bike seat hurts my big bum. :)
  • I hated most vegetables. Now I enjoy most vegetables.
  • I talked on the phone till my parents kicked me off. Now, I chat online till Facebook kicks me off.
  • I wrote in several journals. Now, I blog.
  • I thought McDonalds was a treat. Now, I'd almost rather starve.
  • I ate ice cream every Sunday evening. Now, I *might* eat it twice a year; makes me cough hours on end.
  • I could look and touch all sorts of gross stuff. Now, ever since my third pregnancy, I have an extremely high gag-reflex.
  • I could hold a family of baby mice I found in the field. Now, the little buggars make me scream.
  • I wanted 10 kids. Now, I am grateful I don't have 10 kids, as a single mom anyway... (sometimes I dream of having another baby).
  • I wanted to live in a castle. Now, sharing a rustic cabin with a loved one WOULD be my castle.
  • I hated fish. Now, I love all seafood, except muscles... still can't do the clams or oysters unless it's in chowder.
  • I thought pegging my pants was so cool. Now I think it's looks stupid. (Dad, you were right.)
  • I loved white bread. Now I prefer any sort of whole grain bread.
  • I loved showing off in my new red swim suit. Now, I won't wear one in public, in front of people I know.
  • I went to the library almost every day (it was across the street). Now, I haven't been in over ten years.
  • I wanted to wear glasses soooo bad (cuz all of my friends had them). Now, I hate glasses and prefer contacts. Maybe Lasik one day...who knows.
  • The littlest molehill seemed like a mountain. Now, I have learned to "live and let God", "relax" and "pick my battles.
  • I was slender, but curvy. If I wanted to lose 5 lbs, I could without a problem. Now I swear, I gain 5 lbs just LOOKING at sugar!
  • I wanted someone to love. Now I want to love and be loved, and I want to love someone for the way he loves me.

Also back then...

  • I talked, A.LOT. I still do.
  • I picked the marshmallows out of the box of Lucky Charms. I still do.
  • I enjoyed road trips. I still do.
  • I flirted a lot. I still do.
  • I loved music. I still do.
  • I had high anxiety. When lacking a certain amount of sleep, I can get hyper, and having mild anxiety is still a part of my "normal" life.
  • I loved to write. I still do.
  • I gave my heart over too easily. I probably still do...
  • I had hopes and dreams. I still do...

What about you? What's changed or stayed the same throughout the years?


springbubble said...

i was timid then. i'm still timid now. i trust man easily before, i don't think it would be easy now. i hate cooking before, i love preparing food now. i love chocolates, candies and ice cream before, now i don't like eating much of those. hmm. i can't think of any thing else. i guess i didn't change much. i'm still me! i'll follow your friend's blog. he sounds deep. ehe!

springbubble said...
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springbubble said...
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springbubble said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I remember I actually wanted glasses too....oy. I want that lasik as well!

I used to be fake, but now I'm real. That's my biggest change. it's a pretty good one. ;)

Laura said...

Peg your pants!! How funny! I too thought it was cool.. and I agree.. it looked stupid didnt it?? WHY did we do that??? ;)

Susie said...

The more things change, the more they stay the same:-)

Debbi said...

You know me, Em. The mouse one gave me the heebey geebeys!!!

Cassie the Sassie Lassie said...

I LOVED long hair. now i have short hair.

I was one of the most shy people, and now, i'm still a little shy, but it's easier for me to get on the dance floor.

I also used to LOVE chocolate. hate it now (well, for the most part). I drink more water, too!

Betty said...

Back then I was Not so much! :)

Vickie said...

I pegged my pants too!

Yaya was fake?? No way!!

After my third pregnancy I just can't tolerate worms. I was fine before, now I think they are gross and still look away and gag a bit. I am not even pregnant and I still have that problem.

I was thinner, now I am not.
I was a bit self sufficient, now I feel like I am not.

S Club Mama said...

I will be back to read the rest of this (I really need to get to sleep while Squirt's sleeping), but I really wanted to say thank you. I always love to see your comments; they always make me feel good. You are truly a blessing in my life and I appreciate your mommy wisdom SO MUCH!

S Club Mama said...

What's this pegging your pants stuff? Maybe that shows my age...

And I agree about the sugar part but add carbs to mine.

My biggest one is that I used to HATE my little sister, now I wish she'd come live with us.

springbubble said...

i would also like to know what's 'pegging your pants' means.

Blog Stalker said...

Oh, the list is so long and you managed to list many of mine. One thing that stands out is the taste pallet. There was a time when I could not stand onions, pickles, peppers, and even salsa. Now, I just described a most awesome snack or meal.

Great post.

Have a great day!