Thursday, July 2, 2009

Butt-Check, Aisle Nine!

Hello? Fashion Police? Yes. I'd like to report a Fashion Crime. I'm standing here in line at the Salt Lake Bees game, anxiously awaiting my turn to order one of those heavenly Colossomo's "All Star" Hot Dogs and the gentleman in front of me obviously forgot to do a serious butt-check before leaving home.

What's that you say? Am I seeing any cheekage? Oh, thank goodness, no. Just a smidgen of baby-blue pinstriped boxer.

How big is the offense, you ask? I'd estimate the rip is approximately 3 1/2" in length by about 1/4" wide.

Yes. I'd have to say that he does appear to have an uncaring attitude about the entire incident. In fact the snap to his back pocket is flippantly undone as well!

Seriously, people... it's called a Butt-Check! If you don't have a full-length mirror or a loving spouse, then find a friend who will be honest and tell you What NOT to Wear!

I really did NOT need to see that the entire TWENTY minutes I stood in line for my fully-loaded piece of meat-heaven. I mean it was like a train-wreck. I didn't want to look, and yet I couldn't look away; especially when he bent over to retrieve his dropped quarter. I mean, I HAD to watch, just in case his pants busted wide open. Nevertheless, c'mon! The Butt-Check (like the booger-check and food-in-teeth check) is just one of those unspoken social graces that we all expect each other to abide by. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Kaye Butler said...

Don't you just hate that!

MM read your comment on her blog and I quote, "Dang that is one smart teenager right there!"

Me: who
MM: Emma
Me: Emma the blogger? (I only know one Emma)
MM: Yeah, I'm reading her commment
ME: I don't think she's a teenager
MM: Well she looks like one, all young and pretty, not like you.
MM: Oh, sorry, but she looks so young.
ME: ENOUGH!!!!1!!!!!!!

Susie said...

I am not a fashionista but even I know that is a no no.

okeydokeyifine said...

I figure you look in the mirror ONE time and the rest of the day is just too bad for everyone else. I started out okay... hahahahaha

Ruthykins said...

ha ha ha. love kaye's comment!

Julie said...

You took a picture! I should have known I was going to be sharing in that experience the minute I started reading...thanks for the visual :)

Yaya said...

I cannot believe you took that picture! And that is one heck of a rip!

Lol at Kaye Butler's comment! You teenager!

Blue Castle said...

Oh wow. That is too funny. Even funnier, the fact that you managed to sneak a picture of it while you stood in line. :) Have I mentioned how much I enjoy your blog?

erasundar said...

I can't believe you got the picture, LOL!

Megan said...

OH NO!!! Hahahahahaahahahah!!!! Yes, I definitely see that the butt-check was in order here and he clearly missed it that day!

Du and MJ said...

That is 20 minutes of your life you're not getting back. Sorry, at least he was wearing underwear. He could have been "commando"!!!!!

lilianril said...

I think you should have mentioned it to him just to see what happened. Plus you'd have been doing a public service for everyone else at the game!