Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Sayin...

I don't know movie lines or quotes like other people do. That being said, there are some that just seem ingrained in my brain. And when I am in certain situations, I respond with one of these lines; usually without even thinking about it either. Most of the time, the person on the receiving end has no idea what I am talking about, and I often get a weird look in return.

Then, I have to go through the trouble of saying something like, "Oh, sorry. It's a line from that movie...[still giving me an awkward look]...when that one guy...oh, never mind..." And then the essence of the line is totally lost. I hate when I've wasted a good line. Anyway, here are some lines that I can think of off the top of my head that I say. See if you know the reference...

1) When I'm thirsty, I say:
"These pretzels are making me thirsty."

2) When I am in an awkward moment or if I'm just saying good bye, sometimes I say:
"Good seein' ya, Su-Chin."

3) When someone at work has sent me an email containing information I have requested, often times I have wanted to respond:
"To Wong-Foo, Thanks for everything. Love, Julie Newmar."
(actually, i did use this once in response to a friend's email and then she replied, "oh. i think you meant to send this to someone else")

4) If one of my kids whines that they are hungry, but then turns their nose up at what I have to offer, I say:
"Oh no. Not today, Buster. You wanted food and I gave it to you, so now you're gonna eat it."

5) When someone doesn't "get it", or if they are holding out on me, I say:
"You're killin me, Smalls."

6) Sometimes (when someone I know calls) I answer the phone saying:
"Yo-yo, yiggity yo."

7) If someone has completed a task or assignment well enough, I say:
"That'll do, Pig. That'll do."
(though I have to stop myself sometimes. cuz I worry that if they don't get the reference, they will think I am calling them a pig.)

8) When I see heavy dark clouds:
"Tut, tut. Looks like rain."

9) I've mentioned this one before, but when I want one of my kids to sit down:
"Sit Ubu, sit."

10) When someone tells me about someone else who is engaged, I say:
"Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday."

11) If someone is looking for me, I answer with:
"Hee I is..."

12) If/When someone comments on my ka-now-ledge, I say:
"My momma didn't raise no dummy."

13) When someone says something not particularly funny, but which could be misconstrued to mean something a little inappropriate, I say:
"That's what she said."

What movie/TV lines do YOU often quote in everyday conversation?


Puphigirl said...

Kyle says, "That's-a Nice!" from Borat.

I say, "Oh, yeah?" with a North Dakota/Minnesota like from Fargo.

When Kyle is in the bathroom and I knock on the door because I need to get in there I'll say, "Housekeeping" and then the rest of the scene from Tommy Boy follows.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha!!!! Hubby and I are HUGE movie and tv quote people. We are always quoting things and people look at us like we're crazy! We're big on quoting anchorman.

Debbi said...

1) Dumb and dumber??
5) The Sandlot (I use this one ALLLLLL the time!! and "Oiling and lotioning! Oiling and Lotioning!" and "FOR- E-VER"!)
7)Babe. Although, I use Shrek's version of "That'll do, Donkey, that'll do" more.
8) Winnie The Pooh. Classic.
9) The commercial. I also use this one. I was young, so I can't remember WHICH commercial, but it was one.
10) Princess Bride. I use this movie as a basis for ALLL things good! This movie has too many quotables!
13) The Office. I think.

purplehaze said...

I like the quote from home alone when he ask have you had enough and the guy says NEVER! I use that alot. There is a lot of times something from some movie well come out and I will use that. I like the when from Taken I will serch for you, I will find you and when I do I will kill you!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I think I figured out about three of those ones and all because they were lines from the movies that my kids have watched over and over and over.....

My favorite line is from the "Familyman" with Nicolas Cage. He wants a nice suit and says, "Where are my MaryJanes?" The Man and I quote that to each other all the time cause yet again we are not getting what we want at that moment. If you are not familiar with it watch the movie, you will love it.

Megs said...

Once when I was 14 my piano teacher said "That'll do pig" after I played a piece for him. I laughed so hard I almost fell off the bench. He was not a particularly funny guy, so that quote blew me out of the water.

I love "You're killin' me Smalls" I quote Sandlot all the time.

Dan and I also love the "that's what she said." But Dan doesn't actually use that line correctly. He just says it. Me, I'm always looking for the opportunity but rarely get to say it.

Vickie said...

Ha! I knew some of them. I love Julie Newmar, "She is so statuesque" That is what came to mind when I saw your quote:) Love that movie!!

I say dude alot and I say it like Hurley from "Lost"

Also, when someone asks me how I felt about something or someone that is not particularly great, I tell them " Ya, I'm bursting with fruit flavors" Ethan Hawke said it in Reality Bites. I usually just say this with my family.

Also, "I love ya like my luggage", but no one gets it. Even after I tell them the whole story from Steel Magnolias.

Kaye Butler said...

I know the Christopher Robin quote and the Sit Ubu Sit. So brothers and I used to think that was the best part of the Cosby Show, the Cosby Dog...cause that's what we though Ubu was. Debbi says it was a commercial, I seriously think it was at the end of the sitcoms in the 80's. I'm probably wrong. I'm so old I probably don't remember the 80's.

I don't use movie lines very much. I like to use the old sayings of the old my line of work I hear a lot of them...

Dianne said...

My name is Noxema, Noxema Jackson. I'm Jessie's daughter. From To Wong Foo...
I say you, he dead (I think SIL Kaye should use this at the funeral home where she works) from Family Guy

RhondaLue said...

Ok I have to tell you that we've abused the "that's what she said" line in our home. Now we will have to suffer the consequences. My 8 yr old has responded at school when someone said pointed to his desk and said, "it's crooked." he says, "that's what SHE said." I'm DYING! Because he doesn't know what it means but he keeps using it in perfectly applicable situations. I'm DYING, EMMA! How am I going to get him to stop saying that when I'm busting a gut laughing about it? lol

okeydokeyifine said...

Stan Freeburg gets quoted a lot from both Hubby and me. Wunerful Wunerful,Smart Aleck Yankee, That irritates me- that's all- that irritates me, I come through the window, John, Marsha.

Ruthykins said...

oh no, not today buster. you wanted food and i gave it to you, so now you're gonna eat it, so eat it! is used a lot in my house. i say that to the kids when they don't like what i've prepared for them, but i think that i have shown them the family dog, so they might remember what it's from. i also quote to wong fu, but i usually say "i'm like a compass near north" which is really inappropriate for me.