Saturday, May 9, 2009


So, my son gets home from a party tonight just before midnight. He doesn't have his key, therefore, I have to get up out of bed and open the door. As I am letting him in, I smell something funny as he walked past me.

"Were you smoking Mari-ju-ana?" I ask, enunciating and pronouncing the "j".

He looks at me and sort of chuckles. "No," he replies. "Why?"

"I don't know," I say. "I smell something sort of like it." I notice he is chewing something, so I ask, "What are you chewing?"

He holds his hand out with evidence and states, "Swedish Fish."

"That's what I asked," I reply. "Were you smoking Mari-ju-Swedish-Fish?"

Again he chuckles and then asks, "Are YOU smoking Mari-ju-ana?"

"Go to bed," I state, as I head back to my room.

I get back on FB and tell my sister the conversation. About a minute later he walks in and says, almost as if it is an after thought, "I can't believe that is the first thing you said to me as I walked in the house."

All I can do is laugh.

Now - I have never thought in a million years that my kid would smoke marijuana, or even know where or how to get it. But the smell just seemed so foreign. I guess it was my way of saying, "what's that smell?" So - why didn't I just ask that?

Who knows... perhaps because it is midnight? Or maybe, I just like saying Mari-Ju-Ana!

If anything, now he knows that if he ever DID try to come home like that, I'd know. By the way - I don't even think he really knows what Marijuana or other drug even look like, thank goodness.


Ruthykins said...

i absolutely know what mar i ju ana smells like because i went to high school in indiana. every day they had to air out the boys' bathroom by the cafeteria and i would walk by it. plus the guy two lockers down smelled like it every morning. incidently, his dad was a cop.

Blog Stalker said...

It is definitely a smell that is distinct. I also would probably aske that question first rather than ask if he had a good time. And then, as usual, I would kick myself for not being better.

Have a great day!

erasundar said...

When I read the title of the post, I thought " I told her to have a good weekend, but man!" :)

I guess I'll be asking the same questions as my kids older. Can I just ground them until they're 30?

erasundar said...

BTW, I miss Six Word Saturdays

Susie said...

Don't be so sure! Those teenagers know a whole lot more than we think they do. Remember when we were that age?

okeydokeyifine said...

I don't know what the smell was but I do know that Mother's Instinct is stronger than anything else. So go ahead and ask the questions. The kids may think you are nuts 99% of the time, but then there is that 1% that will get them. And then you can help them.

So are swedish fish crackers or like gummi worms? And how about getting in a little earlier to suit a grandma?

RhondaLue said...

I think you should still do an intervention because swedish fish or any sorta sea life is just as bad as mariJUANa. Seriously, he needs help.
Gross. blech.

Betty said...

I have no idea what it smells like, but that´s a reason why we live out in the "boonies".... :)

Tamie said...

lol!!!!! aren't we great as mom's? we don't beat around the bush and let them surprise us, we just ask stright out: did you smoke POT?!?!?!
that was good emma.....swedish fish doooo smell a little well, um, fishy.

Yaya said...

That's funny!

Happy Mother's Day.

Paige said...

Heck all he had to do was walk through a room of it, and he would be all stunk up. It is amazing how that stuff sticks---gross

But I am sure you are right--

Puphigirl said...

Marijuana, Wacky-Tobacky, Mary Jane, Chronic, Weed, Pot, Grass, Hemp, Call it what you will, its still illegal and yes has a distinct smell. And, it is a gateway drug to other stuff.

As a parent we hope that our kids are innocent and not into that stuff. As a kid, we hope that our parents are naive and don't know what we're into.

EmmaP said...

well - for the record - i knew exactly where he was and with whom and don't worry, "grand-ma"... the party didnt even start until 9pm. a bunch of the jr high kids hung out at a friends house and watched movies. and her parents were there the entire time and gave him a ride home. straight there. straight back. no drugs. whew! but i DID talk to him for a sec today about it - to see what he knew about drugs.

I went through all of high school with out ever so much being offered a sip of alcohol, a puff on a cigarette, or any type of drugs. And i'm not that old... I tribute a lot of that to nt only having parents who raised me right, but also a lot to do with my friends. I think I did a good job choosing my friends wisely. And i am glad that my son has also chosen friends with high moral values, whether they be Catholic, Budhist, Prebysterian, Mormon, or whatever. I hope that he continues to surround himself with good friends and examples, and perhaps he too, will be able to escape high school without being offered any of those substances.

Two Blessings From Above said...

It is nice to have teenage boys that are becoming less dependant, but I am there with you they are a worry. I agree with Susie, kids these days know so much it is scary!
I know you probably did not mean for this post to be funny, but again I had to laugh.
Have a good week!

TravAndToni said...

Guess what? I KNOW what it smells like... You don't need to worry! As far as the offending smell goes, I think the girl's house they went to is filled with eucalyptus. When your son's best friend walked in from the same party, I thought "Wow, their entire house must be filled with floral arrangements." Sadly... I think the illegal scent smells much better than the koala food!

They ARE good kids, and I think between the two of us, (well, make that probably five of us, as they spend a fair amount of time with some of the other parents as well) they are supervised for most of their time together. I also KNOW that with a group as large as theirs, with a moral base as sound as theirs... someone would spill the beans to one of us if there was anything untoward happening.

As far as that being the first thing you said to him as he walked in.... at least you didn't ask if he was on the crack pipe! Some nights the adrenaline levels in that group would make a druggy jealous...

Ronnica said...

I agree with a couple of the others...swedish fish themselves are a problem!