Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

Just a quick little post in honor of my "old man" and his "woman"...

Happy Anniversay!!!

My parents have been married now for 37 years. I would love to post wedding pictures, but...they eloped. No pictures to speak of. My mom was 19 and my father 20. They eloped because my dad, who had been raised in the Amish faith knew his father would never consent to him marrying a Mormon girl. It didn't take long however, for his father to accept my mom and come to love her and treat her as his own.

My parents have always had a strong relationship, even in the weakest times. Things may have tested them but they knew that they loved each other and were meant to be together.

As far back as I can remember, my parents have always held hands. I remember them holding hands while driving to church on Sunday mornings.

My dad always worked long hours and even had jobs in which he had to travel, just so my mom could stay home with us kids. But, when he was home on the weekends, he not only did his "honey-do" list, he helped out in the kitchen too. He enjoyed cooking Sunday dinners and was often the clean-up crew too.

The worst/best memory I have of Sunday after-dinners is that often times Mom would wash while Dad would dry. I say "worst" because many times they would have music playing and a few times I remember walking in on them while they were "dancing" or kissing or whatever - between sink-loads. Eww... gross. Well, that's what I thought as a kid, anyway.

I remember them taking lots of "naps" too. Boy, am I glad I never "disturbed" them... whew!

Even now, they are still in love. Last fall I took my kids on a road trip to go and see my parents. Shortly after arriving, I was in the spare room unpacking. The kids were sort of meandering around the house. Soon PrettyPrettyPrincess comes in the room and asks, "What are Gram & Grandad doing?" I replied, "I don't know... why?" She answered, "Because their bedroom door is shut and there is lots of giggling going on." I sort of smile to myself and say, "Hmmm. Better ask Gram that one." Soon my mom emerges and PrettyPrettyPrincess hits her up and asks what they were doing. My mom chuckles and answers, "Oh, just Grandad, being funny."

Now, I am not saying that they were or were not doing something. But I did notice how she never really answered the question. See, PrettyPrettyPrincess asked what they were doing - not how Granddad was acting.

Then, the next day we were in the kitchen. LittleDuckling & I were at the table helping prepare lunch. My mom was at the sink. Soon, my dad enters the room. I don't think he realized we were there too, cuz he goosed my mom on the bum. She sort of jumped. LittleDuckling looks at me like, "Did you see that?" I in turn ask aloud, "Would you two like some privacy?" To which they both laugh.

Then on the way home from our trip, LittleDuckling asked why granddad would want to pinch gram. I explained to my kids it was because they still loved each other. Of course, they all thought that was the weirdest logic ever. I just laughed.

I thought the whole thing was cute, and I am glad that my parents have weathered the many storms between the calm; that they fought the mighty tempests together. For I know that in the end, when the tide comes up, their love for each other will not be washed away and will still be standing on the shore.

Here's to another 37 years. Granted, you'll be in your nineties then... but I know your love is a love that's meant to be. Happy Anniversary!


Cindy said...

Congratulations to the lucky couple :)

greenolive said...

yay! 37 years! Hey Mom and Dad, while we're all out there please try to keep the goosing to a minimum. Cuz if you started doing it, all the husbands would start doing it, and then all mayhem would break loose and the grandkids would all get sick.

Two Blessings From Above said...

What a nice post! 37 years and it sounds like they still have a strong relationship like the day they eloped. That is so awesome!
Happy Anniversary to your parents!

Ruthykins said...

those two are crazy! did you know that they are in hawaii right now? mrbusdr is working and nursemom is just hangin' out, i guess.

Du and MJ said...

Thanks for the happy marriage story. Good for them. Congratulations to your parents.

purplehaze said...

Emma that was beautiful! I hope they are having a good time! I will have to get the scoop on nursemom's return!

Vickie said...

Congrats to your parents!!

How sweet that they are still in love:)

Susie said...

That's a great story. Happy Anniversary:-)

RhondaLue said...


Happy Anniversary Nursemom and mrbusdr!!! May there be many more goosing and fun doing the dishes. And especially many more times making the grandkids (and kids) gag. ;)

Jennifer Rae said...

When your parents are that awesome it is kind of hard to settle...that is why we don't. Congrats to your parents

Puphigirl said...

They were holding hands last weekend while they were here. Who knows what kind of PDA (public displays of affection) they are doing for their anniversary.

okeydokeyifine said...

Oh, WOW... This is what I find on the BLOG after my vacation. Thanks Emma for the sweet thought.

NOW to set the record straight:
We did not always have PDA's. One time a man asked my husband if he did not even like the wife because he never saw us hold hands or anything. Hubby said he really did like me and that it was just the way he was raised that made him uncomfortable doing such a thing. Well, let me tell you, he got so comfortable with the PDA's that he even gooses me in the grocery store.

And as for the queery of the bed room... Hubby thinks it is funny to jump on the bed and tickle me while he is growling. It makes me laugh.

And there is nothing more comfortable than snuggling up with that loved one and really taking a nap. That's the part I like the best. Just being there with no agenda, just hagging out together.

So, thanks again to all of you for the well-wishes. I just got to where I like him so I will keep him a few more years. hahahaha