Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dear Future Husband,

Recently Rhondalue said she'd like to know what I look for in a man/mate. Funny she should ask. I just happen to have a wish list. Honest. I do. I made my list (something my counselor had me do) before re-entering the dating world. I have even pulled it out a few times to see if the man I was dating fit the criteria. Without further adieu...

Dear Future Husband,

If you want to spend the rest of eternity with me, you must:

  • Love my children (I understand this may take some time)
  • share the same religious beliefs as I do
  • be honest
  • be considerate of others
  • enjoy music
  • enjoy socializing (just enough to go out with friends sometimes)
  • be willing to play board games on occasion (like when visiting w/ my family)
  • be compassionate
  • attend church regularly
  • honor your religious covenants
  • enjoy learning about the scriptures
  • enjoy spending time with family
  • be good with your money
  • be slow to anger
  • be romantic/affectionate
  • have a good sense of humor
  • have a positive outlook
  • treat me with respect
  • have a decent/steady job
  • enjoy road trips/traveling
  • enjoy camping
  • like to sing (it doesn't matter how good you are, even if it's only to the radio)
  • lift me up/motivate me
  • make me feel good about myself
  • be masculine (not wimpy, i.e., if there is a leaky pipe, don't ask me to fix it [true story!])
  • get along with my friends (or at least tolerate them enough to hang out sometimes :) )
  • show appreciation towards me when I deserve it
  • help around the house - men can do dishes too!
  • find me attractive and vice versa
  • know how to cook a little
  • be able to work well with me on projects
  • enjoy a good conversation
  • not get irritated that I am a bit "chatty"
  • have Patience when I make mistakes
  • laugh when it's time to laugh
  • hold me when it's time to cry
  • know that I don't want to love someone just because he loves me; I want to love him for the way he loves me.
If you think you can handle all of that, please submit your application and resume for further consideration. Income restrictions may apply. Subject to employment verification. ;)

With Love,
Your Future Wife


Cindy said...

Emma, very well done , lol!
Seriously, it's nice to see someone put down on paper what they really want :)

greenolive said...

That's a great list. He's out there somewhere.

RhondaLue said...

That's some list! Maybe you should also have a "TOP 10 traits or qualities that are non-negotiable" list and the other things you can train. ha ha

just kidding. that's really a great idea to list it out like that. I need to do that with the things I want too.

Tamie said...

good for you for having that list! (some may say that a woman shouldn't have lists like that, but i disgree) and i think that any man is the man for you (or pretty much nay woman) if he can stand a little bit of chattiness now and again :)

Ronnica said...

Good list! I have a list, too...somewhere. Haven't needed to look at in a while! I have it in two-categories: musts and icing (things I would like, not deal-breakers). I should dig it out...it would make a good blog post!

Ruthykins said...

hmmm. i never made a list.

Vickie said...

Good and simple list:)

okeydokeyifine said...

Because I am old and have been married a long time I feel compelled to add my marriage advice. My spouse and I do not always agree. But we try to disagree like friends. It is okay if we have differing opinions. We try not to undermine one another. And as one of my sons-in-law puts it : we stay away from that Nuclear Button.
#1 The only good fight in a marriage is the fight to keep the marriage good.
#2There are 3 sides to every story...His side, her side, and what really happened.
#3 She should reat him like a king and he should treat her like a queen.
#4 When you are really upset with your spouse remember what attracted you to them in the first place and ask yourself if that is still there.
#5 If you prayed about marrying your spouse before marrying him or her did you get a good feeling about it? Do you think God changed His mind? If you did not pray about your fiance' at the time, pray for them now and get that good feeling of confirmation, or get that empty feeling of loss. Be careful what you pray for.
#6 There should be 3 people in a marriage... Him, Her, God.

I think that about covers it.

purplehaze said...

Good list, but I love nursemom's comment that is really great and says it all really in a nut shell. You should never leave the house angry or go to bed angry. My husband never lets me be made for long because it really isn't worth it. It is usually over something really stupid anyway. I like nursemoms treating each other like king and queen that is cool and there should be three him her and God that is great. God bless you Emma I hope you find what you are looking for.

lizcooper said...

I LOVE this! While it's a very long list, I don't think any of those things is unreasonable at all! As a matter of fact...I'm in marriage counseling. I think I might just take YOUR list and give it to MY husband..lol.

Susie said...

That's quite a thorough list:-)

Two Blessings From Above said...

I love how you put #1. Love my children, That is so important.
Great list! Good luck!

Tina said...

I love the list! Perfect, the only thing that I would add would be that he be subject to a background check. There's alot of posers out there nowadays!!