Sunday, December 21, 2008

6 Quick Quirks About Me

Mel tagged me for this meme. You are supposed to list 6 quirks about yourself and then tag others to play. If you wanna play, consider yourself tagged.

Here are my 6 quirks...

1) I can't sit still. I mean CAN'T, not won't, CAN'T. I've tried. It can't happen. I was a wiggly child and could never sit still. Then when I had my first baby 14 1/2 years ago, I broke my tailbone. Now I really can't sit still. I shift, move, change angles, and fidget. When I realize I am moving/shifting/changing about every 30 seconds, I start to get paranoid that others notice too. So, I do my best to sit very still. But then my legs start to hurt. My back begins to itch. I notice the tiny hairs that have fallen in my face, and I HAVE TO MOVE!

2) I love cereal, but not milk. I eat cereal with milk cuz that's how it works. I pour just enough milk to moisten the cereal. Then while eating the cereal, I drain the milk with my spoon before it reaches my mouth.

3) I have to turn things off when leaving the room. I hate when my kids leave a room and leave the lights on or the TV. I am constantly turning them off. Even at work. We turn on our conference room lights even when we have no one scheduled to use it. DRIVES ME NUTS!

4) I sing the Alto line to EVERYTHING - not just the songs in church. I sing the alto line to commercials, the radio, and even when there is no official alto line. It gets to a point that when I try to hum the melody I have a hard NOT singing the alto line.

5) I like patterned socks. I don't know why. I go shopping for trouser socks and I gravitate towards the striped/patterned ones.

6) I grunt in the morning. I am not a morning person. So, when my kids talk to me when I am tired and they hear the "grunt" they know they are only allowed to ask yes/no questions. This is so I can give the appropriate "grunt" in response. Uh-Huh= Yes. Uh-Uh= No. Mm-m-mmm(with varied voice inflections)=I don't know. You get the gist.

Ok - your turn. What are 6 quirky things about you?


Cindy said...

You are not quirky :)

I left you a lovely award, stop when you can

andrea said...

Love the cereal quirk...sounds a bit like me when I eat. There has to be an even amount of each item in every bite (I know, it's not pretty). People who eat one item before they move onto the next irritate me to no end!

RhondaLue said...

I love it! I'll try to whittle my quirks down to a few. Might be hard. lol
Stay tuned

debilyn said...

i LOVE your quirks!
especially since #2,3,and 4 are near perfect matches for quirks of my own!