Friday, November 21, 2008

What's Your Name?

I think we have all heard the "scientific" way to determine your "porn-star" or "stripper" name. [Please note the authors view: I do not condone stripping/performing nude on camera or for anyone outside the bonds of marriage - - and even then...hmmm, he'd better catch me in a good mood!]

Anyway, so you're supposed to take the name of your childhood pet and combine it with the name of the street on which you grew up. Since the only memory I have of Popeye the Beagle, is watching him run down the dirt lane only to meet his fate with the UPS truck, I will use the name of the next pet, Pepper. (I think Pepper - the big black dog - bit my sister's hand, so we gave her back after only three days.) Anyway. Pepper it is. I first lived on CR 18, so, I will go with "18". Hence, my porn-star name is "Pepper 18". Nice. What's your porn-star name?

Now for some more "Scientific" fun for this Friday's Segment of Festive Fridays with Fun on the Blog... check out the following!

1) What is your Pro Wrestling Name? Mine is Velvet Priestess
click here for male version
click here for female version

2) What is your Gangster name? Phat Chinaman
click here for gangster name

3) What is your Pirate Name? First Mate Emma Dirty-nose, the filthiest scourge that wears pantyhose in or around the Black hole of Calcutta.
click here for pirate name

and finally...

4) What is your Superhero Name? The Sensational Samurai
click here for superhero name


jori-o said...

Pornstar: Sparkle St. George
Wrestler: Shapely Nurse (??)
Gangsta: Slimy Couch Bouncer (seriously??)
Pirate: First Mate Jori Dirty-sword, the meanest pillager that will eat crabcakes in the British Isles
Superhero: The Charismatic Weirdo

Hm. I really don't know what to say!

TravAndToni said...

Oh, thank you! I SO, SO needed a great giggle this morning, and your son's friend and I have had one trying to 'fudge' the superhero name generator to come up with his REAL superhero name. Neither his real name or his nickname gave us an accurate portrayal of him, but when we substituted a not-so-appropriate word for a 'fraidy cat (chicken____)for his first name, we finally came up with The Tone-Deaf Crusader! Perfect!

I had the perfect first pet for a stripper name... a little chihuahua named Sparky. So, any street I lived on (we moved a lot, and we lived on many military bases, so I don't recall the first) is going to make a super classy stripper name! Sparky Elm... see?

I'm booking hotel rooms this afternoon. :)
Have a wonderful day today!

Amy said...

This was fun!!

Pornstar: Missy Norman

Pro Wrestling: Pearl Priestess

Gangster Name: Ribbed Phino Banga

Pirate: Baron Amy Scurvy Legs The smelliest Pyrate that ever lived in or around the south seas

Superhero: The incredible Albino

Two Blessings From Above said...

There is something on my blog for you.

Ashley said...

Prospect MAX ~ no too shabby! Ha!

lilianril said...

Pornstar: Candy 1200
Wrestler: Autumn Teacher
Gansta: Two-time Cock-whacka
Pirate: Captain Charlotte No-planks, the rootin'-tootin'est dawg that can play the harmonica within 20,000 leagues of Davey Jones' Locker.
Superhero: The Fearless Tornado

Du and MJ said...

I ALWAYS wished that I lived on a street with a name, it would have made this more interesting.

Pornstar: Maxine 1500

Pro Wrestler: Buxom Centerfold. I do wish I had a little more in the Buxom department, but oh well.

Gangsta: Masta Gat Slinga. I like it, I'll have to inform my mom's nieghborhood who the new masta gansta is in town.

Pirate: Cap'n MaryJo curly legs, the scurviest mariner that will eat crabcakes outside of Davey Jones' locker. I like this one too!

Superhero: The Charming Crusader

Fun post Emma!

Carol said...

My porn star name is Major Curry, I do not think my career will have any longevity with such a name as that. Ah well.

purplehaze said...

This mad me laugh! Here goes:
Pornstar: Smokey Lahana
Wrestler: Calamity Dutchess
Gangsta:Mad cow stank ho
Pirate:Swabbie Denise no-teeth, the scurviest mariner that can play the harmonica in the Pacific Ocean
Superhero: Generator-The incredible defender

I don't think I like the gangsta name, but I had fun thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love your gangster name!
I would be:
Pornstar: Sweetie Gibson
Wrestler: Velvet Bombshell
Gangster: Two Time Mafioso
Pirate:Swabbie Alicia Red-legs, the meanest raider that has a wooden eye outside of Davey Jones' Locker.
Superhero: The Incredible Platypus (a PLATYPUS!!??)

That was too fun!

Susie said...

What a fun game:-) My stripper name would be Ginger Delaware:-) Hee, hee, hee.

Ronnica said...

I didn't do the rest (I've done them before), but my stripper name is Licorce Castle. Sounds ominous.

Vickie said...

My Porn Star name is: Chief Woodmont

Wrestling: Tart Wife

Gangster: old Dirty Monkey Smuggla

Pirate: Baron Victoria Crusty-Legs, The Filthiest Mariner That Can Play the Harmonica Within 20,000 leagues Of the Balck Hole of Calcutta.

Superhero: The Irresistible Mime. This one is my favorite

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Hampton Everett sounds like a lawyer, not a porn star.

The Rambler said...

Cap'n Selena Bald-arms, the vilest mariner that ever lived this side of the Carribean. checking into your fab blog...thanks for stopping by mine today. :) Thanks for laughing because it was what I was going for...I mean, what else can you do right? :)

Cindy said...

Pornstar: Hilde Shepard
Pro Wrestler: Fusion Jane
Gangster Name: Machete Masta Tree Hugga
Pirate: 1st Mate Cindy wormy-arms the villest pillager that can play the harmonica in davey jones locker.
Superhero: The fearless midget


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Hey I hope you have an awesome weekend! Check out my blog to get your awards with l♥ts of l♥ve from me :) ♥ Hugs! :) Shauna

feather k said...

Ok...just for the first one:

Peaches Sewell...

Yeah...crazy how that formula works... :)

Jennifer Rae said...

Doesn't everyone already know their porn star name...mine is Midnight Vine...:)