Monday, November 10, 2008

Errors in Advertising

I love finding grammatical errors, incorrect punctuation and misspellings. Not to say that I am a perfect Grammarian. Nonetheless, I like to check, double-check and triple check my work. I am constantly going back to correct old blog posts too - even if no one will ever read them again. So - I have decided to devote this week to my old English professors and to the English Language in general. Sound boring? I will try my best to make it fun.

Today - we are highlighting errors in advertising. Look at the following ads/signs and see if you can find the errors. Leave your answers in the form of a comment. And - to make this fun, I will hold a drawing for a $10 Blockbuster Gift Card. Good Luck! (Answers posted tomorrow.)


Oh - and the I wish I would have had my camera phone for this one, but I was walking past a salon and the marquee outside read: "We now do Micro Derma Brasion!" Ugh! If it weren't 10pm, I would have called them to inform them of their mistake.


Debbie said...

1. equipment-the sign is in a pool of water, not a fountain 2.than 3. accept 4.physicians 5.add insurance qualified your area thousands 7. your
I'm up late, fun blog

Weaselmomma said...

Funny blog.
3.better for business if they accept reservations.
5.I'm okay with Ad(short for advertisement)but they are pretending hot dogs are made from 'meat'.
6.yourarea (almost sounds dirty) are or you're, not your'e
If I win I want to donate the card back to your kids. I rarely rent movies at the store.

RhondaLue said...

1. equipment
2. thAn
3. Accept
4. Physicians (nobody spell checks big signs or what??)
5. "meat" in quotations makes us believe it's REALLY something else..If you like random quoted signs i have a gret blog for ya!
6. qualified (and yourarea should have a finger space between the words) and I believe it should say "up to 47% savingS. I'm inclined to believe this sign was made in China!)
7. you're meaning a contraction of YOU and ARE.

I always feel bad because those kinds of mistakes bug the crap out of me but I know I make them occasionally as well (out of rushing more than ignorance) and now that folks now that it's a pet peeve of mine, I know I'm being even more harshly judged when I screw up! hehe

Tamie said...

y'know, i've actually made some serious typo-s before and been mordified when i've figured it out...i guess i'm just not as concientious as i shold be (and i sure do wish that there was spell check on the comment form for blogger...)
1) EquipTment
2) then should be than
3) Excepting should be Accepting
4) physcians should be physicians
5) and yes, i could also only see the fact that ad only had one d or that hots dogs were being labled as meat...
6) heath should be heaLth
7) apostraphe is in the wrong are those add checkers when it comes to advertising any more?

RhondaLue said...

Tamie's funny. ;)

I also wish there was a spell check on the comment section!

Megs said...

1. Equipment
2. Than
3. Accepting
4. physicians
5, "meat"--no quotes, that's sick!
6. heath insurance, qualified (and they promise 100% accuracy!?)
7. You're
8. Microdermabrasion is one word

The Willeyes said...

I am just like you...I always notice things wrong on signs, brochures and ads like that:)
Here are the ones I saw:
1. Equipment
2. Then not than
3. Accepting/not excepting
4. Physicians
5. "meat" really:) Also, if I can see the sign correctly, was the original price 2.00, and they say ad price $1.99 and you save $1.00?
6. Wow, there are seven things I see wrong with this sign...someone should find a new job.
a. Health
b. Insurance
c. Qualified
d. Your area
e. Thousands
f. Accuracy
g. Savings
7. You're
8. should still call them!
Love this post. Can't wait for the rest of the week:)
Also, I'm with everyone else, I wish the comment form had spell check:)

RhondaLue said...

Oh and in #6 I was mostly paying attention to the title but let me add this part since the willeyes got all the rest...

It says up to 5 quotes but if it was correct it would have the #5 spelled out like this "up to five quotes" because you don't start putting the actual number until you get to the number 10. Thank you College Business English Course. The End.

RhondaLue said...

Ok your post has me now laughing even harder!!!!!! I just reread one of my many comments and I realized I said this:

"and now that folks now that it's a pet peeve of mine"

I meant, "now that folks KNOW"...Oh geez. You did this post just to taunt me didn't you?!

hollibilly said...

Good post, Emma! I can just picture you standing outside that salon at 10:30 at night...

Susie said...

1. Equiptment should be Equipment.
2. Then should be Than.
3. Excepting should be Accepting.
4. Physicans should be Physicians.
5. “Meat”???
6. Isurance should be Insurance.
7. Your’e should be You’re.

Anonymous said...

Wow those are bad bad bad.
1. Equipment is spelled wrong
2. Than, then issue
3. Accept not Except
4. Physicians
5. Ad maybe?
6. HEALTH INSURANCE, qualified and a space b/t your and area
7. You're not Your'e

Julie said...

1. Equipment
2. Pilgrims should be capitalized and than, not then
3. accepting and Valentine's Day not Valentines Day
4. Physicians
5. should be meat not "meat"
6. Health not Heath (unless he's handing out free chocolate!) and Insurance not Isurance; qualified not qualifiend; space between your area.
7. You're not Your'e
AND the beauty salon has had that stupid sign up for over 6 months! I see it every time I go to my parents and I hate it!

That was fun :)

Ruthykins said...

Valentine's not Valentines. unless there is more than one St. Valentine the day belongs to one guy. i also saw most of the others, but they were already pointed out.

TravAndToni said...

Here's another great one for you from the sign that was posted in the window at our local Great Clips - "Sytlists Needed Apply Inside". The kids and I stood in line for the Barnes and Noble Harry Potter release party for almost two hours in front of the sign. I nearly had a nervous breakdown because it bothered me so much!

Anonymous said...

looks like everyone got them! I cant very well list them again, since they are all there! But that was fun! I also like to point out grammatical errors, even if I am wrong a lot of the time!

purplehaze said...

Oh you remind me so much of my oldest son! He hates when there is a mistake. Did you used to correct the teacher if they were wrong? My son did, he even corrected his boss. That was cute!

Jed said...

You all said it already! And here I thought I was clever. Guess early worm gets the bird. WHA? Stop....reverse it and switch.

Yes, thats it

Too funny Emma!

Blog Stalker said...

All I know is that I could have made every one of those miss-stakes! Including the Brasion one. I think you posted this as a way to call me out! You are so, so devious!

I actually had someone post all about me once before. Called me out, with all my spilling problems and all!

Rachel Ann said...

Congrats on being the SITS bog of the day! I'm with you...can't handle incorrect spelling/grammar especially when it comes to professional advertising!

1. Equipment spelled wrong
2. Then vs. than
3. Excepting vs. accepting
4. Physician spelled wrong
5. not sure
6. health spelled wrong
7. your'e has the apostrophe in the wrong're!

Fun times!

Summer Saldana said...

I love this stuff too! My favorite thing when Jay Leno does it!

Congrats on being saucy! You know you are!


jori-o said...

Oh, Lady, we are so of one mind on this. Drives me bananas when I see freshman English errors on professionally done ads!

Happy SITS day!

Vickie said...

Like Tami, I wish there was a spellcheck for the comment area. I can't use educated words when I am commenting. Your are funny-see, I could have used a better word.

everyday mom said...

Oh you are one of those people I dread LOL

Paige said...

These things drive me bats too----I so think there should be rewards for pointing out the stupid in advertising.

Joelle said...

Oh My... Im afraid to leave a comment. Im a super busy mommy of 5 and 1/2 a brain at that. (sleep deprived) the last place I want to be critiqued is on my blog. I was going to use critized but I can not spell it. ; ) and being a perfectionsit If I worried about everything on here, I would NEVER post anything so I just do it & TRY not to go back & correct, but I do.(sometimes) but I Know Im sooooo full of typos.
THIS was very brave of me to leave a comment amongst all you "smart" people. and the only reasons I did is because I know there are others out there like me thinking..."oh maybe I won't leave this SITS a comment and take a chance of screwing up..."
so on to read the rest of your fun blog and dare to leave anymore comments....
Oh, your hair loks Fabulous in both pics!
Congrats!!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

this is great! thanks for the smiles! :)

ElleBee said...

Happy SITS Day! :) This is SO something that I would do. Love finding grammatical errors in public signage/postings.

ZenMom said...

Oh, thank you! As a writer and editor, these sorts of things make me twitch. I know we all make typos and mistakes. But in your professional advertising? Ugh.

Z'riz said...

hahahaha fun! I can't believe you are that observant! Great job!

WheresMyAngels said...

So I'm thinking that you would be red inking alot of my post.

Saundra@An Italian Mama Gone Crazy said...

Oh my God! I do the same thing! IT drives me nuts!

I actually write to publishing houses and tell them about a typo in their book!