Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wishful Thinking Wishes

Is it just me, or do we all have selfish wishes sometimes? I don't mean like "I wish the price of fuel would go down" or "I wish there was no more hunger or famine", although those are awesome and even noble wishes. I am talking about Self-Indulgent, Benefits-No-One-But-Me, Selfish-type wishes. And not like "I wish for a million dollars" type wishes either; too generic. With the holiday season fast-approaching, department stores are all coming out with their "Wish Books" to make us dribble and drool over all the things we can't afford, don't need, or shouldn't spend our money on. So, in no particular order, here are some things I wish for - like these would be a dream-come-true for me (even though perhaps a bit unrealistic).

1) New Car (without the car payment)
One of These (Nissan Rogue) ...... or.....
one of these (Nissan Murano). Boy - I just really miss my old Nissan Altima. However, I LOVE the crossovers...still works for carpool - but NOT a minivan! lol!
2) DisneyLand I have NEVER been to Disneyland OR Disney World. I know...deprived, huh?
3) Alaskan Cruise
I have never been to Alaska or on a cruise - so this sounds divine! But I would also settle for one or the other - a cruise or a trip to Alaska!

4) Weekend Getaway at a Resort with a Spa

I'd love to go somewhere and see the outdoors, relax, eat good food, do a little shopping and get a massage...or two...or three...hahaha!

5) New House
Not that I have to have a brand new house or anything. I am just tired of something falling apart or needing replaced every time I turn around. Something that "feels" fresh and new instead of stale and dilapidated!

6) New Perfume - I noticed the other day I am almost completely out! I would love some...

Lucky You or Tommy 2 favs!

7) A PistolIt may sound weird that I would LOVE a Kimber Ultra Carry II .45 pistol. I have wanted a small pistol for the last few years. I would love to get my hands on one of these.

8) European Vacation
This kind (above)...not This Kind (below...)

9) Sterling Silver Chain - Once upon a time a little boy was in kindergarten. He asked his mommy if he could take his drawings around the neighborhood and sell them for $5 a piece to the neighbors. Fearing that no one would purchase the little boy's scribbles, and not wanting his ego to be crushed his mommy told him that "selling door-to-door is illegal without a permit; which you cannot get unless you're an adult". She then asked him why he wanted the money. He answered, "So I can buy you a Mother's Day present". Yes, the Mommy's heart melted. She instructed the boy's father to take him shopping and allow him to buy her a gift. She also hinted that her favorite store had a cute hammered silver heart necklace. Mother's Day arrived and the little boy brought the mommy a beautifully store-wrapped package. The mother opened it, expecting to find the necklace she has asked for. Instead she found an opened-heart with an amethyst in the middle. She told the boy it was lovely and asked what made him select that particular one. He replied, "Well, I know how much you LOVE diamonds, so I wanted to get that one for you. Will you wear it EVERY DAY MOMMY???" To that of course, the mommy could not refuse. She has worn that necklace nearly every day, even though it is not a diamond, nor her birthstone. Now the little boy is 14 and the silver chain from which the pendant hung is broke. So, though it isn't a HUGE luxury item, or a luxury item at all, this Mommy hopes Santa is listening and will bring her a new chain for her "diamond" necklace.

10) A New Ring. I LOVE rings. I don't know why, but they are my favorite pieces of jewelry. I have about 6 or 7 rings that I just love! This one would be great to go with the aforementioned necklace, tee hee!

There you have it - my Wishful Thinking Wish List. What's on YOUR list???


Mrs. S said...

I think the pistol is strange but whatever floats your boat sweetheart.
I think Disneyland/world would be fun but I'll wait til Moose is older.

I agree a nice ring or new set of earrings would be lovely. Or new shoes.

I told Big A I wanted new bras, underwear, and socks for Christmas because NONE of mine fit right.

Anonymous said...

I love all your wishes! I go with all of them, well except for the pistol. I'd better learn how to use one before I carry one ;)

Anyway I have quite the wishlist myself!! But even though I dont have it all, I'm glad to be able to dream about getting those things! Can you imagine being handed EVERYTHING? I just don't think it would be any fun! What would we dream about?

Du and MJ Webb said...

Earings are my fave. Also my dream would be for a nice, expensive pair of running shoes. The ones I have now are grungy, old and worn out. Earings and shoes all I need to be happy.

Ashley said...

Is this a hint list for Big-D? Ha! I don't know about that gun, though. One year my dad bought my mom a gun for Valentine's Day. Yea ~ I'm kinda embarassed to share that little tid bit with you. Shhhhh!

Tamie said...

you've got a great wish list goin' there. i would for sure, join you on the alaskan cruise...that would be awesome!
and could sure got for a spa weekend....gosh who couldn't?
and my wish would include a very expensive camera :)

Susie said...

I am with you on everything but the pistol:-)

hollibilly said...

I would love a new house. That might be a ways away though...

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I too would love a gun. I grew up in a every-holiday-we-went-shooting family. I think I would feel safer with one in the house too. I too have never been to DisneyWorld - Disneyland as a child but I cannot remember that.
I loved all your wishes and if you need someone to go with you on all those just let me know, I'll get me bags packed.

Byde and Mel said...

A new house definetly! A new that had less than 200K miles on it...and I'm with you, paid for! I would love new furniture in my front room...maybe I will do a list on my blog and copy you:)

purplehaze said...

AWW, I love the necklace story that is so sweet!! A newer house would be great. I don't like guns so that would be out. Great list you have though!

Ruthykins said...

please tell me the pistol has nothing to do with jf. that would be tragic.

Kaye Butler said...

Thanks for the shout out!!! I laughed LATER after the heart attack, stroke, and witness badgering...

The wishful thinking list...a great one!

(Is the gun possibly needed to help get all the other stuff?)
You don't have to answer that quesstion, I am already involved with forgery, I think thats enough.

Kaye Butler said...

OMG I just read your quote on the Leave Your Comment...It made me chuckle..."Homeskillet"

Anonymous said...

My list is way too long to print. If I hadn't just spent almost $3000on my current car I'd want that. But I'm ready for a new house I think. And that may be coming true sometime next year! Hopefully! :)

Puphigirl said...

Kyle says "Hey, love the pistol but whats the deal mommy longs for a hand gun but her boys aren't allowed to play with toy guns except in the x-box universe." I noticed the pistol was ahead of the jewelry, interesting. Emma packing heat. Awesome! You feeling lucky punk, well are ya?

Anna said...

I Love the list... My wish list is kind of funny... I want enough food and supplies in my house so that when Obama becomes president and all of his terrorist "FRIENDS" attack us that I feel confident in sitting in my house for the next year. I don't know if it will happen, but, I want more food. Oh... and a bread maker because I really don't want to kneed bread by hand. I know I'm kind of Lazy :)... Oh and we do have a gun, so that if his terrorist friends attack and everyone elses comes knocking at our door wanting food atleast I can scare them away

ann said...

well I do have to say i a little worried about the G-U-N! That not on every womens wish list.... But Jared would think that was so cool. He has been trying to get me to go shooting with him for along time No thanks.

As for the car mine is the mini van or anything better than what I have
I sport the big white Suburban that takes our whole years saving to put in the gas tank just so we can go to Elkhart! But it is paid for. If we could have somthing without that dreaded car payment every month then count me in.

Anyhow love the list!!!

RhondaLue said...

All I want for CHristmas is for my hubby to purge and declutter our back yard so my children can safely play in it and I can plant a memorial tree for my dad. It's so nasty out there now that I feel it's disrespectful to put a memorial tree out there now. :(

Also, I want my kids to organize and keep their room, the bathroom, the hallway...ANYTHING clean for an extended period of time.

But hey, your list sounds good to me! (add a digital camera and I think it really would be my list!!!!) Oh and my brother just got a MuRANO and it's FANTASTIC! If' I didn't own a litter of children I'd totally be after one!

Betty said...

Yes I have these wishes as well! Great post. I love the ring. It would be at the top of my list! Then the European vacation.

Blog Stalker said...

Great taste in firearms for sure! I have my kimber already!

Selfish wishes...I'm gonna pull a you and say I will have to get back to ya!

Have agreat day!

Puphigirl said...

Bring the ring to make sure you can match the color or finish with the pistol. If you do it the other way around we will probably see your overexposed mug shot on the news. Like that one of Nick Nolte. That's the best of all mug shots! -Kyle

okeydokeyifine said...

Ya know.... I am a little older than I should be to still wish on stars, but none the less, when ever I see the first star of the night I "wish I may and wish I might have the wish I wish tonight".

I do not wish for riches, though that would be nice. I do not wish for good looks and charms, because why ask for the impossible.

What I wish for is happiness, safety for myself and my loved-ones, and to have the things I need (not the things I want).

Not every wish is exactly the same but they are always along those lines.

So don't be wishy-washy with your wishes, help them along to come true, continue to hope for good things, and do good while waiting for them.

And one last wish.... to be able to see my family more often.