Saturday, September 27, 2008

Socks, Sheets & Shenanigans

So, I was over at Tulsi's checking things out, when she confesses hating wrinkles in her sheets, and the need to wear socks to bed. I laughed because, I saw a bit of myself in that. So, in the spirit of confessionals, I too will share a few of my mindless bedtime habits and/or obsessions.

Many of you know how much I HATE feet - Bare feet, that is. If you're gonna wear flip-flops or sandals, or ANY open-toed shoes, may I suggest polishing those piggies? Oh - and if you insist on walking around barefoot, may I kindly request that you NOT show me the (black) bottoms of your feet? Thanks.

Ok - with that being said, the other thing I HATE is when my bare feet touch the SHEETS!!! I know, weird! But I HATE the way basic sheets feel on my skin - ewww - like nails on a chalkboard! ugh! I think it started when we moved back to Indiana from Hawaii. I had to re-adjust to the dry winter weather, and my feet always seemed dry. Aside of lathering them up with lotion each night, I started the habit of wearing socks to bed! And if I do not have socks handy, then I must tuck my blankie around my feet. Now, this is not just at night either. If I lay down to take a nap, on come the socks. It's just a lot easier than having to deal with those yucky sheets!

I know what you're thinking..."how did she - um...y'know..." The answer would fall somewhere in the "yes I wore socks, but not always" category! Anyhow - it doesn't matter at the moment, as I am a "Born-Again-Virgin" , thanks to the divorce. (Sorry, I digress.) Anyway, currently I just have to worry about sleeping in socks.

About 3 years ago however, I did discover the PURE JOY of HIGH THREAD-COUNT SHEETS!!! I came across a package of 950 thread count Egytpian Cotton Sheets for about $50 at TJMaxx. I figured, "What the hay!" and bought them. I FELL IN LOVE!!! Since then, I cannot go back to basic 250 thread count or ANY type of percale (gross). In fact the minimum thread-count I will buy is around 800, and TJMaxx is sooo much cheaper than other dept stores, which for the same quality would be about 4 times as much. The ones on my bed at the moment, may I say, are 1000 Thread-Count, brushed cotton sheets. Oh, the luxury. Oh the love.

The other thing I tend to do at night is wake up to "Turn the Pillow". Yes, you heard me. I MUST have a COLD PILLOW!!! It has to feel clean and crisp. Not hot and drooled on. Therefore, several times through-out the night, I awake to turn the pillow in search of a "cool" spot. And, of course, my hair has to be completely off of my face.

Speaking of Pillows...I need one pillow for my head (that's a given), one for under or in-between my knees (I have a rotated pelvis - fun!), and then I need two more for my hand!!! Yes, my hand must be sandwiched between two pillows. I sleep on the right side of my bed, and when I sleep on MY right side, my arm goes up under my pillow, which then leaves my hand to "fend for herself". So, I prefer to sandwich it between 2 pillows. So that is FOUR pillows!!! If I am on my left side, then my left arm can be sandwiched between the mattress and only one pillow.

Last but not least, I like to have the air circulating in the room, so that I do not get too hot & sweaty! This is because I HAVE to have the quilt snuggled ALL THE WAY UP TO MY NECK!!! Needless to say. doing so makes me quite hot, thus, the ceiling fan and/or air has got to be on.

Well - that about sums it up with the socks, sheets and shenanigans. Hmmm, it's a lot more complicated than I initially thought it would be. And I wonder why I have a hard time falling asleep...[yawn]...


RhondaLue said...

Dude, my name might have been Emma in another life. hehe

I also have discovered high thread count sheets? Who can sleep on the $5.00 250 ct sheets at walmart after their skin has touched luxury? I actually am not quite as classy as you, my thread count is 650 or somethin' like that. But it's wonderful and they get softer every wash. yum....scrumptious!

I also have lots o' pillows, plus an added dogbone for my neck that I've had to quit washing because it's becoming thread bare. It's only about 12 yrs old...but it was a gift from my MIL so I'll call it an heirloom.

humans are strange folk, ain't we?

RhondaLue said...

p.s. my feet like the coolness of being bare and moving spots so they find cool areas every few minutes. And I don't sandwich my hands in between two pillows...that's just crossing a line I think. I like them to constantly be feeling around for a cool area.

I must like cool.

frazzled & worn out what to do? said...

Oh I have to have a cool pillow also.
I can't stand for my face to get hot.
I haven't yet experienced the high thread count sheets as I have always been to poor, and well you know our situation now.
Maybe someday!!!
Oh & I can't stand to sleep with socks on my feet get way to hot & then I get a head ache.

Oh & it's great to be a virgin again huh?

EmmaP said...

tina - long time no blog-chat!!! um...great to be a born-again virgin? lemme put it like this... I suppose eating no cookies is better than eating crappy cookies. However, to restrict myself from cookies altogether, is well - hard. I have had to find lots of new hobbies - things to "distract" me... hehehe/

okeydokeyifine said...

I tried to sleep on satin or silk or what ever it was at Aunt Glenda's and let me say, "No Thanks". I got irritated at the regular sheets that get those knots in them as they get older. And they feel so coarse. Then I found Jersey sheets. I totally love the ones from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They last a long time and are in my price range. They stretch to fit the bed, feel just right by themselves on a hot night, keep in the heat with a blanket on a cold night, soft and, well, just wonderful.

purplehaze said...

I can't stand socks on my feet in bed. My feet get way to hot anyway. That is one the first things that comes off when I get off of work my shoes and socks! I would go barefoot all the time if I could! As far as the sheets 300 thread is all I can afford. I don't think I could stand silk sheets I would be afraid of sliding out of bed, LOL I guess we all have something that just bugs us!

ann said...

I love soft 1000 count sheets they are on my bed as well. I have also get mine at TJ max!!!!! As for the socks go, none for me thanks.

I have to wash the sheets every other day I enjoy the feeling of clean crisp sheets as I sleep.

Meaghan said...

Love high thread count sheets! Once you try them you cant use regular sheets. Egyptian cotton is wonderful :)


Tulsi said...

A high thread count is a must. Weird. I turn my pillow, too. But I do it because I don't like the dent my head makes. I also have to have a pillow between my knees. If I travel and forget it, I have to tuck some of the blanked in. How strange that it's not just me!!!! I'm normal:)

Anonymous said...

Wow you have a lot of sleeping quirks! I think we all have our things as far as bedtime is concerned. I don't think I've ever come close to 1000 thread count but if I did I probably would never go back!

Susie said...

I sleep on my stomach. I think that is the only quirky thing I do. Oh...and I get hot at night too. My husband accuses me of putting up a wall of sheets between us:-)

Puphigirl said...

I hate to wear socks!

I hate the sheets that ball up, and I hate sheets that snag on my dry feet.

I love the cold spot on the pillow.

I pull my covers up to around my ears so all you see is my hair (which has to be off my face). When I was young my bed happened to be under the attic access. I used to dream of spiders dropping down on me from up there. So I guess the covers are around my ears to keep the spiders out of there. Old habits die hard.

greenolive said...

So do you think men should paint their toe nails too? lol
I think it's good to have bedtime habits and rituals. Maybe it's sort of like a security blanket. It just makes things right to go to sleep. So tonight after you get all snuggled up into bed, just let out a big, AHHHH.

Ruthykins said...

so, just the other night i found out that derek HATES feet. i never knew that. i guess i should have realized it since he is always wearing socks, but i never knew it. 5 years of marriage almost and i'm just now finding this out. hmph

Willeyes said...

I can't stand socks on my feet at night, but the thread count...amen sister. Once I tried 800 count...i could never go back! Love those soft sheets, and the day I change them...I sleep like a baby! What I wouldn't give for room service every day to change my sheet:)