Monday, October 21, 2013

The Pull-Over

Yesterday we were making the 570 mile drive back from my parents' house in Nevada to our home in Utah.  We had just made the switch from US 95 to I-80, when I said to Eric, "I haven't seen a speed limit sign posted yet-  have you?"  He said, "No, but I'm pretty sure it's 75 mph here."  (I was going approximately 78.5.)  I then saw a Nevada Highway trooper up ahead and off to the shoulder.  I left my cruise control where it was (cuz I wasn't skeered), and drove right on by.

We were probably about a half mile down the road when I saw in my rear view mirror, the trooper had pulled out onto the freeway.  When he got right behind me he turned on his lights, so I pulled over, and ended up coming to a stop directly in front of the 75 mph sign.

Knowing I wasn't "speeding" (or at least not enough for a ticket), I figured perhaps a tail light was out.  The trooper came up to the window and politely introduced himself as "Nevada State Trooper [whatever-his-name-was]" and proceeded with "I'll need to see your license, registration and proof of insurance, please."  I began to retrieve said items with the help of the hubs and the trooper continued.  "The reason I stopped you is because of your speed back there;  you were going about 89 mph."

My jaw did a little drop as I looked him straight in the eye and said, very politely I might add,  "No.  I was going about 78-- 79 at most.  My car can't even hit 80 without shaking (I need my tires rotated)."  Eric handed him the registration and insurance card while I began to fish out my driver's license.

He then asked, "Where are you headed?"  I replied "Utah", to which he said, "Ok, just watch your speed heading back to Utah".  I was in the process of handing him my license at this point and he looked a little embarrassed, like he forgot he was supposed to check my license in the first place.  He took it, looked at it, mumbled, "Utah" before handing it back, reiterating, "Ok then.  Just watch your speed.  Have a good day."


So, I knew one thing for sure.  He never clocked me.  I also knew I wasn't speeding.  I thought it ironic Eric and I had just discussed this.  So, why the pull-over?

Eric thought perhaps he was guesstimating my speed, and hoped I would admit to it.   My guess was he was looking for a car with a similar description or perhaps was hoping we had drugs or something.  Then again, maybe he was brand new and hadn't quite got the hang of things yet.

I asked Eric later, "Did I come across as rude?"  Eric said, "No.  You just told him he was wrong, y'know, while batting your eyelashes..."  Ha!

Anyway, the whole thing was weird.  Hope he caught whoever he was looking for.

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Puphigirl said...

Yes, use those womanly wiles.