Friday, December 28, 2012

Had I Known

This morning, I knew I'd have to allow time to scrape off my car.  I also figured I'd have to shovel a little, even though I spent over an hour shoveling last night.

I got up early and got ready for work and even had time to curl my hair.  It looked good and I felt great!  Amazing what a good hair day can do for you.  Then-- I went outside.

I hadn't planned on it snowing at least another 4-6 inches, nor had I planned my car doors freezing shut, or a huge pile of snow landing on my seat as soon as I pried the door free.  I also hadn't counted on the city plow truck blocking my driveway with 3' of the city's dirtiest snow and taking another 30 minutes to dig myself out (while trying to convince myself to be grateful 'cuz it could be worse).  Nor did I figure my ever-so-lovely hair would become drenched and thus plastered to my face.  I felt done, spent, exhausted, and defeated.  Amazing what a bad hair day can do to you.

Nonetheless, I sucked it up, threw my hair in a pony tail, got in my car and began the slow & slippery journey to work... just as the snow on my seat began to melt, seeping up through my pants and chillin' my cheeks like crazy.

I arrived to work 20 minutes late, and was chilled to the bone nearly all day.  By late afternoon the cold from the morning had settled into my lungs and triggered my annual bronchial cough, which isn't just any old cough.  This is the sort of cough that comes from deep within, and yet never seems deep enough to clear anything.  This is the kind of cough that hurts inside your chest and scratches and burns your throat; the kind of cough, ladies, that may even cause you to pee a little.  (You know what I'm talking about!)

Had I known that the events of today would have played out like they have, I may have just stayed in bed.  I may have just called in sick.  I may have even eaten left-overs and watched all of my Christmas DVDs Santa brought.

If only I had known.

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woulda coulda shoulda