Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Son: Future Film Producer

Now that Keenan is done with High School, Dear Old Mom here has been pressuring him to find a job -- ANY job.  What would be awesome is if he could find an internship doing what he loves doing -- Filmmaking.  He enjoys very much the creative side and some of the technical stuff too -- but he is talented and writes, directs, films, (sometimes acts in), and edits his own stuff.  A few years ago he tried to get a film club going at the school without much success.  He pushed and pushed - and instead one of his favorite teachers gave him some different news -- even better news.  They were going to have a TV Broadcasting class at his school in conjunction with Digital Media... and they would do the school news "on air" via WildCat TV.  In addition to acting in the various school theater productions, most of his time was spent in the lab at the school, until the custodians or other faculty would kick him out - often just before midnight.  Passionate?  Yeah -- I'd say so.  Here is one of the spotlights he did for WildCat TV...  highlighting a fellow classmate. (It's better to open it up in YouTube as I can't seem to get the frame dimensions correct on Blogger at the moment.) If this kid keeps going, I have no doubts he'll be all right!


Vickie said...

He did a great job! Loved how he used the biker's shadow.

Also, congrats to him for graduating!!

Amy said...

He's very talented!! but on a side note....I see you have your favorite running trail at the bottom of your blog, this makes me nervous!!! I hope you don't have any creepy blog stalkers that would follow you on your trail....just saying!! be careful!! :)