Friday, May 25, 2012

5 Steps for Getting Over A BreakUp

No worries here...  But I had been meaning to post this back around Valentine's Day, mostly because I saw it somewhere and thought it was funny.  I also thought it would be cute to hand these out at an Un-Valentine's Party (Love Bites...  complete with sappy break-up music, make-and-take Voo-Doo Dolls, and Broken Heart Cookies.)

(Not sure to whom to give credit, so we'll just say the following is by "Anonymous".)

They say there are 5 steps to the Grieving Process, and a break-up is no exception.  So, while I'm not currently nursing a heartache, you never know when these 5 steps will come in handy.

5 Steps to Getting Over a Breakup:
1. Denial Desserts
2. Angry Appetizers
3. Bargaining Meals
4. (Not so) Depressing Sides
5. Acceptance Parties

I'd also recommend going to your florist a few days ahead and asking them for all of their dead roses.  Then arrange them in un-lovely bouquets around the house.

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