Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rambling Rant & Vent

Usually when things bug me I can get over them rather quickly.  Other times -- they seem to fester until I'm to a point wherein I can't sleep at night (well, less than usual anyway).  I find that getting it out seems to help.  However, I am not a confrontational person; I absolutely hate it.  Of course, it is MUCH easier to be all passive-aggressive about it and vent here via the blogosphere, to people who just may empathize with my plight, validate me, and whose comments I can simply delete if they become... confrontational! hahaha!

Anyway - a few things that bug:

1. If you say you are going to do something, do it. People may be counting on you.  The more times you do NOT keep your word, the less people begin to trust you.  Granted, we all have busy lives.  I know all about that.  And I know all too well how easy it is to forget something.  Or you remember it in the middle of the night or while you're driving down the freeway or at other inconvenient times.  I've been guilty of that.  However, as soon as I remember it, I try to send myself a reminder - put it on my schedule, send myself a text or an email --anything to help me remember. I will say this though.  If I forget to do something I say I will do and am then reminded about it by the person to whom I've made that commitment, you better believe they don't have to ever remind me again.  It's as good as done.

2.  If you are going to delegate, learn how to be effective at it.  If you ask me to do something, or delegate a task to me, or put me over an assignment, expect me to do it *my* way unless you give me specific instruction otherwise.  Nothing is worse than planning something and then having someone step in and change things, or worse -- take over.  It makes me feel somewhat inadequate, but most of all like I've just wasted my time if you were going to step in and do it anyway.  It's true -- delegation can be a hard thing. I had a great mentor when I was a youth.  She taught me the true art of delegation.  When someone volunteers or has been assigned to take on a task, let them see that task through.  Do not step in unless they come back to you for guidance, your advice or opinion.  Give them a chance to do it their way first.  If for some reason you don't like it -- either suck it up, or talk to them about the things that are bothering you and then see if THEY can come up with a solution.  It's true that if you delegate, it will NOT be the same way YOU would do it.  But guess what -- it can still be GOOD if not GREAT!  Many times I've envisioned something a certain way.  But when I've delegated it to someone else, it ends up better than I could have even hoped for.  I think some people have problems delegating because they worry about things not getting done.  Well, if that person who was in charge of the task fails, then it's on them not you.  Since I have learned to effectively delegate, things are so much easier.  When I've been over committees and someone says they want to decorate, I say -- GREAT!  And then I wash my hands of it.  If someone wants to be in charge of the food, I say GREAT!  And then I wash my hands of that.  It's so much LESS STRESS when you can learn to be an effective delegator.  Otherwise the message you send is, "I don't really WANT your help, but someone told me I had to ask."  So, delegators -- Give them a chance to succeed.  Give them a chance to fail.  Either way - LEARN TO LET GO!

3. Freeway Driving Etiquette.  If you are driving in a multi-lane freeway, and you are not driving FAST -- get out of the far left lane!  You don't belong there!  I had a State Trooper tell me a good rule of thumb in following the flow of traffic in a 3-lane situation is "at-speed" in the right (slow) lane, 5 mph over the speed limit should be in the center lane, and 10 mph should be in the FAST lane.  But, there always seems to be that self-righteous driver trying to send the message, "65mph is the speed limit.  I am setting my cruise control to 65 mph and driving in the fast lane to prove a point to all of you who drive faster than that.  Hmmmph!"   ugh.  I will say that I have a perfect driving record and have never been pulled over for speeding in my entire life.  I have a system and it works.  Also, if you are sailing along in your lane and you notice a car approaching from behind at a faster pace than you are currently driving, be polite and move over to the slower lane.  You can always move back over after they've passed.  Oh - and that thing called a turn signal -- USE IT PEOPLE!  So you slower drivers -- get out of my way! haha...

4.  If you don't like me -- guess what?  I'm okay with that.  I'd rather just have us be civil to one another instead of you being all Fakey-Fakey nice to me.  It's even worse when it comes across as condescending, like when I can sense in your voice you think YOU'RE doing ME a favor by being super nice to me.  Bleh.  I can be Christlike by being civil and courteous; I don't have to be fake and act like I just love you to pieces because, frankly -- You totally bug.  hehehe.

That's it.  I'm done.  My rant is over.  Have a SPLENDID day!!!  Thanks for reading. Mwah!


Puphigirl said...

I totally agree with the self-righteous slow driver in the fast lane. They think they are teaching us a lesson, but they're just pissing me off and all the other drivers piling up behind me.

Jewelsp said...

I completely agree with your thoughts on delegating. I've learned that if I ask someone to do something I need to let them do it and accept how it's done. If I'm gonna be super particular about it then I should just do it myself. Above all, remember that they are helping you. Be grateful!

Sweet Sassy Molassy said...

It seems that some drivers believe their turn signals to be precious like a delicate flower and not something to be used about willy- nilly.