Friday, March 16, 2012


Although my kids have done sports when they were younger (soccer, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, etc.), as they get older they tend to gravitate towards other fields such as academics and the arts, and they usually do pretty well too.  I'm not gonna lie -- sometimes I feel a little proud of my kids.

LittleDuckling usually attends a district chess competition each year and always has fun.  His Jr. High team often places and moves on to the regionals up at the U of U (I think he mostly enjoys getting out of school for the day to attend! haha.).  He's a little concerned about what will happen to the chess team now, since the teacher/coach passed away last month...  :(   I hope the new faculty sponsor will have just as much fun with the kids as Mr. Gadd did! (We miss you, Mr. Gadd!)

This has also been a great year for my Senior, Keenan as well.  If we're friends on Facebook, no doubt you saw my plethora of posts about his work in the high school musical, Grease.  His solos were great and the audience totally loved him; he ate it up.  This past Wednesday night he took first place for his monologue at the Regional Drama Competition.  He was way excited, as am I. 

PrettyPrettyPrincess has had some successes of her own this year as well.  It started off with the yearbook cover design competition.  Her art submission won and was selected to be the cover of the yearbook this year.  So, of course we HAD to order a yearbook.  I haven't seen it yet, but I am way excited for her.  Her History Fair project placed at the school level and yesterday morning we got up bright and early so I could drive her up to the district for the District Level Competition.  Parents weren't allowed to stay, since the judges were roaming around, interviewing the kids on their projects, etc.  So, I hope we find out how she did soon.  And finally, she won her school's "Keyoff", typing at 70 wpm with ~0~ mistakes.  She goes to the District "Keyoff" next week.  They are little achievements and even if she doesn't come in first place, I am proud of her.

Yes, I think I do have amazing kids.  Many times they enter these competitions without me even knowing until they've placed!  Crazy how motivated they become.  But even if they don't win, I am happy they are learning the value of hard work and that it does pay off.  These are great life skills!


Puphigirl said...

Sometimes I wish my kids were more involved. Other times I'm glad they aren't, then I don't have to run around.

KiennaP said...

Funny thing is, I didn't even know that I would be in the contest. They just randomly called me down to the office and were like, "Hey, you are the fastest typer in our school, wanna be in a competition?" I was like... Sure?