Saturday, February 25, 2012

Senior Pictures & Scene Stealing

I can't believe that my oldest will be graduating from High School soon!  Boy, that makes a mom feel old.  Well, because of that, he gets to graduate here on my blog too -- from FunnyMan to Keenan.

Wanted to share with you some pics from Round One of Keenan's Senior Photo Shoot...

Haha...  this one cracked me up.  Mostly because when I first flipped to it, it caught me off guard.  It's my middle son dressed in his Halloween costume from last year (Steve, from Minecraft).  Too funny.  I didn't know he was going to do that.  But since the kids' dad & uncle have the photography business, I guess they thought it would be funny.  I love how Keenan is still posing like he has no clue.  I crack up every time I see it.

Anyway, there you have it... Round One.  More photos to come!


Pyper Nicholes said...

They're super cute pictures!

KiennaP said...

Wohh.... you posted his real name on this blog. Ya I was there when they took the pictures. hehe

Venom said...

Jebus cripes, you look like you'd still get carded in the bar... how the heck do you have a kid graduating already?
Of course, Keenan is young looking too - are they graduating them at 12 years old these days, or what?

LOVE the pic with both your boys, so cute.

*can't believe I have TWO kids graduated and the youngest almost halfway through university.... giving birth when you're only ten years old is so hard. ;-)

Deborah said...

Those are awesome pictures! I love how you have real photos for his graduation pictures, not just the "stuff 'em in a tux and get a closeup" yearbook shots!