Monday, February 27, 2012


Yes, I DID happen to drop a little breadcrumb in the previous post about me dating someone.  Yes, this is someone I, "LIKE"-like.  (Not just your ordinary "like".)

I'm sure you all have tons of questions (especially, if you're family).  Well, I haven't quite decided how much I am willing to say just yet, but I will tell you this...  he has a little boy, a kindergartner.  This little boy is hilari-oso.  For reals.  I'm just going to give you three little morsels to chew on for now, and save the rest for later.

Things Little-B said:

1) His dad was reading scriptures to him the other morning.  Little-B interrupts and asks, "Dad, why do you keep saying Yay! ???"  (Yea, verily verily...)  Haha.  "Yay!" vs. "Yea".  So cute, right?  I laughed hard over that.

2) We went to go watch Star Wars in 3-D.  During the scene where Anakin is at the junk shop working, Little-B leans over and in an extremely loud whisper asks, "Dad -- how come the kids in Star Wars don't go to school?"  It was so unexpected all three of us (LittleDuckling was there too) busted up laughing for a few good minutes.

3) It was this guy's birthday a few weeks ago.  I offered to go help him clean his house and take down the Christmas tree before the party.  We spent the afternoon getting everything ready.  Instead of driving all the way home and back, I had planned to just stay and shower and get ready there.  Little-B and his dad were laying on his dad's bed watching TV while I was in the bathroom doing my hair.  Then, really loudly I hear Little-B ask, "Dad, who was that little girl at Aunt so-and-so's house?"  His dad told him.  Then Little-B asked, "What's her mom's name again?"  He tells him the woman's name.  Then Little-B says, "Yeah, her.  How come you two wanted to go for a drive?"  I busted up laughing.  Little kids sure do have bad timing sometimes.  The uncomfortable pause was so thick I could almost hear it.  Finally, he clears his throat and explains, "Uhh, your Aunt wanted us to get to know each other."  Then Little-B declares, "Well, I don't like her."  I laughed again, and then his dad says, "Yeah, neither do I."

Good answer!  haha!