Tuesday, November 29, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day Twenty-Nine

I am grateful for kindred spirits.

I know I have mentioned in the past that I am grateful for good friends and neighbors.  And I truly mean that; I have the best friends and neighbors in the world.  They watch out for me and care about me, and I have been the recipient of service and good works so many times I know that I can never repay them.

But I also have some people in my life that I consider "kindred spirits", and I am lucky to have more than one.  These are the especially close friends who "get" me.  Some might even think the way I do, or we share a certain look and instantly one of us will know what the other is thinking.  Some of my kindreds will hear a song and then send me the link because it reminds them of me, and sure enough, when I hear it I love it.  I even have long-distance friends I consider kindreds because it's like we are living parallel lives (like Inception, haha) - even if the circumstances aren't exactly the same.   My closest kindreds share my "off" sense of humor, get the way I talk, understand the way I feel, realize how my anxiety drives me to succeed on some level, and love me regardless how much time we get to spend together.

I love that these people just seem to know when I need them most.  Sometimes, it's a quick little post to my FB page.  Sometimes it's a phone call just to say, "whatcha doin?" or "how's it going?"  There are so many ways they seem "in tune" and "in sync" with me, it's mind blowing.

I've talked about the {{"love experiment"}} before...  when we look for love and learn to recognize it, we see it more often and our heart feels more full.  This is what I have come to learn and to feel about my kindreds.  I feel blessed to have people like this in my life and I know that God puts them in my path because I need them.

To my Kindred Spirits (and you know who you are) -- I love you and am grateful for you!

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