Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day Sixteen

Today I am grateful for talents.

Each of us were born with certain gifts and talents.  Typically we discover our talents as we experiment and try new things.  The things we seems to have a natural appreciation for or a natural "knack" for -- those are the gifts we must work and grow into talents.  I am grateful that many of my family and friends and YOU have shared your talents with me throughout the years.  There are many things I am not good at and yet I can enjoy them through other people.

One of my talents I've been working on is writing.  It's been a goal of mine to get published.  I am currently taking a novel writing class (among others) and it's really been beneficial in expanding the way I write.  Our school does a literary publication twice a year, in which they publish winning entries from each semester.  I submitted a completed chapter from my manuscript and was recently notified that it was accepted and it's due to be published in Folio in just a few weeks.  They also invited me to do a 5-minute reading at the launch party.

I know it's just a simple community college competition, and it's a small publication by comparison.  But to me, it's exciting.  It's something I can now add to my resume and it's something that is going to be out there - with MY name on it.  I feel blessed that God has blessed me with the ability and the drive to develop this talent.

I am so grateful for talents.

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