Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude: Day Fifteen

I am grateful for vacations...

...and even sometimes STAYcations.   I love taking road trips to visit family, heading to the beach, or camping, or flying to a new destination, or even driving up to the cabin for a long weekend.  While seeing new things and visiting new places can be exciting, I also enjoy little mini-vacations/staycations of "nothing"... just me chilling out and sleeping in as late as I want, and staying in my pj's all day, should I so desire.

This year we are not going out of town for Thanksgiving.  I already have the day planned out (a 90 minute intense boot-camp workout that morning, then heading to friends), but the rest of the weekend is open, so to speak.  Initially, I thought it would be a great weekend for some deep cleaning.  But truth be told, I have felt so exhausted lately, that I am now starting to think I need to just relax and do NOTHING; my body is telling me I need some major rest.  So, that is my new plan.

I am sooo looking forward to next weekend.  I am grateful for vacations!


Cassie said...

we LOVE staycations! Vacations are good, too :)

Blog Stalker said...

I too love vacations, and being a bit of a homebody, just love stay-cations.

I like your 30 days of gratitude theme.....after counting kids and spouse I wouldn't be able to get much farther than 15.....lol

Have a GREAT day!

The Willeyes said...

I love vacations...away or at home. But the beach is my favorite...I love the picture you posted! I am going to have to steal it :)