Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Storm

Ok - so this is Halle Berry as "Storm" from the X-Men movies.  (I think this is from the 2nd one?)

Black outfit, black gloves, silver cape, silvery-white wispy hair. 

In case you weren't aware, Storm's superhero ability is control over the weather.  I thought my daughter would like to be her for Halloween since she loves the weather.  (Seriously.  She's been watching the Weather Channel since before she was in Kindergarten.)  PrettyPrettyPrincess agreed Storm would make a cool Halloween Costume. 

I looked online for some inspiration.  I saw that this lady got the actual Storm costume from the movie at an auction.  The winning bid?  A price tag of over $43,000!!!  Suffice it to say, that was a smidge over my budget.

Then I found THIS costume at all of the online shops and local retailers for $30.  Ok, much better price tag, but in my opinion - totally LAME costume.

HERE is what WE came up with for PrettyPrettyPrincess, and THIS is how she looked for the church Halloween Party last night...

Silvery white wispy hair, check!  After I did her hair we sprayed it with white hair color followed by silver sparkles.  It cost just under $5 for both cans of hair spray paint.
She already had the black shirt, pants and boots. 
I bought some silver fabric about 4 years ago to sew a Christmas Tree Skirt.  But, then getting distracted (big surprise) the fabric got stashed somewhere to be forgotten until I thought about making her a cape.  I suddenly remembered where it was and Voila ~ a few simple stitches and a superhero cape is born!  

I think she looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself.  And she DID win the prize for the best superhero costume, even beating out Spiderman - hehe.

I was trying to talk the kidlets into ALL of us going as a family of superheroes this year for Halloween.  You should have seen the raised eyebrows.  The eye rolls were about as loud as their sighs too. I suppose those days are over.  I will just have to wait until I have another baby or for when I have grandbabies (which better be waaaaaaay far away from now!).

LittleDuckling still wants to dress up, just not part of a family theme.  He has informed me that he wants to be Steve, from something called MineCraft.  I can only assume it's a video game of some sort.  He will be working on his costume this Saturday.  We will see how that turns out. 

What characters will be roaming around YOUR house this Halloween?


Ruthykins said...

Alice in Wonderland for Emmy, again, and for Andy, Handy Smurf.

Charlotte said...

I will be a monster hunter, complete with wooden stakes, cross necklace, gun in thigh holster, and however many knives and other assorted weaponry I can strap to myself. Pat is going to be a cowboy. We tried on costumes last weekend and he looked awesome. He's been growing out his facial hair in a stupid contest with the neighbor, and last night he shaved off everything except his mustache which is quite long. I think he can even twirl the ends! We'll see what everyone else ends up as. I think we are at least going to have a go go dancer and a zombie Jesus.

Randi S said...

Thanks for your comments - I wanted to email you back but I have 2 Emmas in my address book & can't remember which is you LOL

We did superheroes last year for Halloween. This year we're doing Mario Bros. I hate my costume though. LOL

Susie said...

I can't believe how expensive that costume was!!!

Amy said...

Ever since Sydney was old enough to pick her own costume she always wanted to be something scary, so far she's been a witch, bat, vampire, ghost, scary red ridding hood and this year its no different!! She's a Zombie Bride!! I have to admit, I kind of get into it!! with all the make up!! and some years the costume's have been up towards $40 but this year, grammy helped us out and made her costume for around $25 so we are happy!! check out my blog for pic's coming soon!! and btw your daughter's costume is AWESOME!!!! love it!!!!

Cassie said...

A viking, a templar, a ninja and a fairy (yours truly!). It was pretty fun looking around.

Puphigirl said...

Probably Crazy Cat Lady again.