Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daughters, Whores and the Electric Friendship Generator

Kids make me laugh.

My friend has a teenage daughter and also has a little kindergarten son. The son came home yesterday from school and said, "Mom, your daughter is a whore!"

My friend was shocked. She told him, "We don't say things like that! That's a bad word!"

"Which one?" the son asked, "Daughter or Whore?"

Bwahahahahahahaha! She couldn't help but laugh. And of course I couldn't help but laugh when I heard about it after the fact. Totally made my morning! Kids say the funniest stuff sometimes and who knows where he heard that!

People make me laugh too. People on Facebook make me laugh even more. The whole concept of Facebook and Social Networking makes me laugh sometimes. I saw a comic strip recently that showed a haggard guy at the computer; slightly heavy set, still in a bathrobe. There were hearts floating above the screen. He received a message about meeting for drinks and his reply was, "I'm not really into offline dating." Hahaha.... totally cracked me up.

This video also makes me chuckle. Hope you get a kick out of watching this as much as I did.


Ruthykins said...

awesome video! i love stuff like that

The Willeyes said...

Kids are hilarious...thanks for the laugh :)

Puphigirl said...

I love it! I like when modern things make a "How to" video in the 50's style.