Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday LittleDuckling! (Part Two)

Ok, so school has been keeping me way too busy. But I have finally uploaded the photo montage in honor of LittleDuckling's 13th Birthday. Like I said on Tuesday, LittleDuckling was born on March 22nd, 1998 at 1:34 in the morning. He was a tiny little thing at only 5lbs, 8oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. He has sort of just been the little runt his whole life. Except he hit a growth spurt at around age 11, including developing a voice deeper than his older brother who was then 15. Although he is still an inch or two shorter than FunnyMan, he is actually "bigger".

Here is LittleDuckling, the day he was born with FunnyMan who was excited to become a big brother.
Here he is just 3 days old. I used to think he had the wrinkliest skin of any "skinny" baby I knew. He definitely wasn't roly-poly.

Here he is at just a few months old. There is something about his smile that I find extremely contagious. I also think he has my dad's smile. (Not to mention his hairline - haha!)
Here he is posing for the Christmas letter. He is about 9 months old here.

Here he is on his first birthday. Still completely ADORABLE!
He is 2 years old here. Completely loves to pose for the camera (or at least he used to!).
Here he is at 2 years old. We were in Tennessee at my Aunt Glenda's & Uncle Wayne's house. As soon as Uncle Wayne let him "drive tractor" LittleDuckling couldn't get enough and Uncle Wayne had himself a new little buddy!

This is in April 2000. Kicking the ball around.

2 years old. Easter egg hunt!!!
Makes ya wanna pinch those cheeks a little!
July 2000 - My brown boy got some sun!
Here he is acting all "tough" like fighter pilots. June 9, 2001 at the air show. He really didn't grow much between age 2 and age 3.
July 2001... He is so sweet here. He has always been the quiet child (except for that little "terrible two" phase, haha).

LittleDuckling is 4 years old here, July 4th 2002. I think this pic is funny because he is trying to give himself bunny ears. He could make himself giggle over stuff like this all the time. Incidentally, PrettyPrettyPrincess is trying to copy him, haha! She is 2 here and FunnyMan is 8 years old.
Christmas 2002. Just finished opening all of his gifts.
March 22, 2003. We went to Market Street (his choice) for his Birthday dinner, and he brought home this HUGE slab of chocolate cake! He is 5 years old.
Christmas 2004... being silly. He is 6 1/2 here.
We went to the park on the 4th of July and hung out and "saved" our Fireworks Viewing spot. LittleDuckling decided that Cotton Candy Beards sounded like a good idea. July 2007. 9 years old here.
I love this pic. Once LittleDuckling hit 10 years old, he just didn't like smiling for the camera anymore. He was not cooperating and after about the 10th shot I told him if he would just give me a really big smile he could go. So -- this is what I got, haha. Incidentally, I love that he is wearing THAT t-shirt while getting FunnyMan to stand with him. We are at Lake Tahoe. Labor day 2008. 10 years old here and FunnyMan is 14.
Here he is at Mickey's house in Disneyland, January 2009 -- Just before his 11th birthday. There is that same smirk his Granddad has!

Posing for our Christmas cards in December of 2010. He is 12 1/2 years old here.

And finally... this past weekend at our Birthday Gathering with Family. Happy 13th birthday!


Ruthykins said...

i have a funny story about him that happened when i came down from idaho to visit you. we were all sitting at the table waiting for dinner and you were calling for all the kids to come. littleduckling finally showed up and when he sat down he put his arms out and said "ta da!" like he had just performed some great trick, or graced us with his presence. i think we were all laughing.

KiennaP said...

hahaha, funny, Ruthykins! Yep, he's a teen NOW! Just wait for all of that drama, even though most of it is already here. Just wait 'til it's MY turn. Bwahahahaha!

TrudyFilbert said...

Such a cute kiddo!!! Get's that ham from the Miller side right?

Robb said...

Congratulations!!! You are the recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award!!!
Much love!!!

The Willeyes said...

He's so cute!