Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Death, by Snot

If you're like me, you hate being sick. If you're like me, you hate going into the clinic, filling out papers when your head seems to be spinning and your vision blurring, all while every noise seems to echo into what now feels like a tin-can head.

Welcome to the common cold, my friends. Don't worry, it's not just you. Everybody's doin' it. Haha.

But there are some things you MAY not know about the common cold. SOMETIMES, the common cold can turn into a sinus infection. It's true. In fact the number one cause of a sinus infection is the common cold. But that isn't where the problem lies, per se. The problem is the result of NOT taking care of said cold. If you don't believe me, check it out {{HERE}}, {{HERE}}, or {{HERE}}

I know what you're thinking. Stop right there Ms. Not So Usual -- this doesn't appear to be one of your Not So Usual Posts about how asparagus makes your pee smell funny or how some guy you barely know sends you an invite to the Secret Society of Secrets. You're right dear readers; it's not. And I know what else you're thinking. This isn't one of your rants or raves or even one of your feel-good-faith-promoting posts, either. Again, right you are! I can't slip anything past you, can I?

It's true my friends. What we've got ourselves here is a good old-fashioned informational post that could really help you out and even prevent you from dying. Yep, you heard me... DYING.

And why, praytell, you ask am I posting such a post? Because I care! Well, 90% of me cares anyway. The other 10% is seeking acknowledgment for possibly/probably saving one of y'all's precious lives. What can I say? It's how I do.

Ok -- back to colds and snot and death and dying.

After reading several facts from the Trusted and Renowned Mayo Clinic (link above) here is what I have learned.

A common cold can drain into your sinuses. Tons of "back-up"/"blockage" in your sinuses can cause a sinus infection. A sinus infection (left untreated) can cause a myriad of other things. For Example...

- It can trigger an ASTHMA ATTACK!
- It can drain into your ear and cause an INNER EAR INFECTION!
- It can drain behind your eye sockets and cause poor vision or even BLINDNESS!
- It can drain into the face and cause BELL'S PALSY!
- ear infections and Meningitis can also cause Bell's Palsy!
- Bell's Palsy can lead to a Stroke, a Ruptured Annuerysm, or Tumors!
- It can cause BLOOD CLOTS in the Sinus Areas!
- It can spread to the lining of your brain and cause MENINGITIS! SIEZRUES! COMA! and even DEATH!

For reals. The best thing to do when you get a "head cold" is to not let it back up into the sinuses. The easiest way to do this is to take something to dry it up and clear it out!

Once, I thought I merely had the "sniffles". But then the room started spinning and I felt like I was going to throw up. My friend took me to the Insta-Care to find out that I had an inner-ear infection caused by an untreated sinus infection. I didn't have the traditional headache/sinus pressure and I did not have a fever. I did have the sniffles for several days however. The Dr. advised me that if it last for more than a few days to get it checked out, because it could be a sinus infection.

My coworker's sister got Bell's Palsy from a sinus infection that went untreated and a friend's mother lost some of her vision! Thankfully, I do not know of anyone who has died from an untreated sinus infection. And I don't want to see those stats change!

So, dear readers, do me a solid and take care of those sniffles when they arise. It's Snot one of those "set it and forget it" type of deals. Do what you can to clear nasal passages and keep those sinus cavities clear!

In the mean time, I am taking another dose of the Zicam myself. I'm going on day three of my sinus cold. If it is any worse tomorrow I'm calling in to see if I can get a script.

On that note, good luck dear readers. Continue good hand-washing practices, nurse your colds and for Heaven's Sakes! This is NOT one of those things you've just got to pay forward!

Oh -- and after this, we will return to our regularly scheduled programming of Not So Usual me and stuff about me...or stuff said by me... and stuff seen by me......


Susie said...

My recent cold from 3 weeks agao has triggered my asthma and I am still treating that!

Puphigirl said...

Hey, I was eating. Gross. I hate snot and phlegm.

Michelle said...

Sheeesh! I think I'll go blow my nose.

Vickie said...

Holy Mongus!! Good thing I went to the doctors before Christmas! Well, I had to, my face felt like it was going to fall off every time I leaned over. I was a mess.

RhondaLue said...

I, too, have had an inner ear infection. I would look up at the ceiling and the fan would be spinning. Only it wasn't. ER trip and not moving for a few days along with an anti-viral med helped. But it was AWFUL!

Ok, so if you get sinus stuff regularly it is wise to invest in a netti-pot. You put water in it and clear our your nasal passages with it. FOR REAL it prevents a LOT of junk from getting worse.

My Ricky is 6 and sinus infections are a big trigger for his asthma and it's severe. He got his adenoids out because they were blocking his passages and he'd get infections quick. Well they grew back and even bigger so we'll have to get them out AGAIN because it was causing 6 solid weeks of asthma problems and many, many missed days of school. So check out the adenoids as well (soft tissue xray diagnoses it) if it's a chronic issue!

Great post! Sorry for doing an entire post in your comment section. LOL!