Thursday, September 2, 2010

Project: Fifty First Dates

WARNING: This post is the result of an extremely random thought process.

It's so lame, it's brilliant. What am I talking about? Fifty First Dates, that's what. If you remember the movie by the same name, you'll remember that the main character, Lucy meets Henry. Due to her short-term memory loss however, each day they meet is like a brand new day for her. Hence, it's like having a first date each time -- or 50 First Dates, to be precise.

Anyway - while thinking of this movie, a quote some comedian said came to mind (too lazy to google it) -- "I've been on so many blind dates I should have my own seeing-eye dog". This whole train of thought then took me down memory lane, to a couple of awesome first dates I've had in my short life span. About two years ago I received a call from HatDude. He wanted to know if I had good ideas for an awesome first date. I said I would think on it and call him back, since I was in the middle of my own first date with In-Flight Dude. HatDude said he looked forward to my return call, and added that he knew whatever I came up with would be good, as the best first date he ever had was with me. Uh, Duh! hahaha... just kidding. Wow... talk about pressure, right? hahaha!

Then again-- I actually sorta get that a lot. And the truth is, I don't think I'm necessarily a great first date. It's just that I like to do out-of-the-ordinary things, and I enjoy the element of surprise and spontaneity. I think perhaps it might be refreshing for some men, especially "yellows" like me, to date someone who ISN'T so predictable.

Anyway, as I was thinking about this element of "expecting the unexpected" on a first date, I had this idea... What if there was a dude who conducted a first date experiment? Even a Fifty-First Dates experiment? Except, instead of having 50 first dates with the same woman (like in the movie), he would have the SAME date with 50 different women? Don't you think that would be sort of a cool experiment? Even cooler if it were a film, eh?

So, in my mind, (where ALL of the "good shows" are created, haha) I sort of envision this. A guy and his buddies create a format for a first date -- The location, event, food, etc. Then, the main character will shuffle as many women through the same first date experience over the period of several weeks, and note the different responses from the different women to similar scenarios. For example, what if one of his buddies calls him on his cell phone half-way through dinner and he answers it? Does the woman get ticked off? Does she smile and be polite? Does she take the opportunity to make her own quick phone call? All the while, a second buddy is filming secret footage of the date for later review. During the reviews, these dates are then "scored" or "critiqued" by the guy and his said friends, based on their reactions to the various situations. Many of the situations would be staged of course. Like if she noticed parsley in his teeth or his zipper down, does she say something? Is she discreet about it? Perhaps he gets pulled over by a cop {who is secretly another friend} and things get a little intense before the officer "realizes" it's a case of mistaken identity and lets the guy go. I mean, how would she react to that?

All of her reactions and responses earn various points based on the type of girl the he is looking for. Then, as he "weeds" out the candidates, there are repeat dates in new circumstances. It's sort of like several women unknowingly auditioning for the same part. Some girls will make the first cut and then the second, etc.

I mean, that is what dating really is anyway, isn't it? A series of auditions to see if he/she is the type of person you are looking for? How does he treat his mother? His friends? His co-workers? What does he do when a baby spits up on him? When some jerk cuts him off in traffic? When you cry? Or when you clumsily trip and fall in public? and so on and so forth...

Anyway -- Just thinking out loud and how I think that would/could make for a very entertaining flick. It would definitely be funny. Hmm... I'll have to put some more thought into it. In the meantime, if you hear of a movie coming out that sounds like this --

--you'll know they stole the idea from me, cuz you saw it here first :) HAHAHA!


Alice in Wonderland said...

Here in England, we have organised "Speed Dating", where everyone has five minutes "dates". This way you can get to meet lots of men and "score" them as you go along.
It is fun, you don't have to be stuck with someone that you have nothing in common with, but sometimes you may just hit lucky and find that someone special.
If he is some sort of geek...then it's only five minutes of boredom!
You should try it, it's fun!

Susie said...


Tulsi said...

That would make a great movie. They can even call it REALITY.

Cassie the Sassie Lassie said...

Ha! That reminds me of a date one of my seminary teacher's went on... I'm gonna blog about it now (thanks, Emma)...

Janet said...

no joke, you should shop it to a network. it would easily top most reality tv shows. And, I would really like to see it in action!