Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How Far Would You Go?

Would you answer the door while basically wearing only a tanktop & an apron (becuz you're cooking & it's hot in the kitchen) to accept a jar of homemade jalepeno jelly from one of your besties after they drove 45 miles to get there?

I would... and I did. :) I gave her a jar of my homemade Apple Butter too!

Would you ever go out your backdoor at 10pm while wearing a semi-see-thru nightie becuz your neighbor texts you that she has a plate of homemade, fresh from the oven peach muffins w/ whipped topping that she'd like to hand over the back fence to you?

I would... and I did. :) I exchanged some Apple Butter with her too!

What about this...

Would you ever walk around the corner @ midnight because your friend & the traveler text you that there are homemade Apple Cinnamon Chocolate Chunk muffins right from the oven and you should come on over and try one?

I would...and I did. :) She got some Apple Butter as well.

Not only that, but would you take a plate of cake balls with you and once arriving at the door mention something semi-naughty to your friend about enjoying tasty balls? And then proceed to stuff your face with muffins & cake balls until nearly 1 in the morning?

I would... and I did. :)

There is just something about good treats that help bring good friends together... (by the way, that's a lot of treats for one week!)

What about you? What would you do for a tasty treat?


Susie said...

I go out of my comfort zone for treats:-) That's how I started with Iron Cupcake:-)

Alice in Wonderland said...

Oh, I would definitely text or phone someone at almost midnight to give them something that I had made, but as for being a "Food Phobic" I don't think that I would except anything in return!
Making things I love to do, and seeing the joy on someone else's face is much more important to me.
I suspect that my ideals are really weird!

kanaboke said...

OH MY GOSH! I love this post and I love you! Also, I would totally do everything you did and do it ten times more!

Derek said...

is this like one of those what would you do for a Klondike bar commercials?

RhondaLue said...

I would definitely talk about tasty balls. No doubt. ;)
You see that old SNL skit with the two radio hosts and the "schweaty balls?" Mmmm So good. ha ha

The Willeyes said...

This is why I love you Em :)