Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rachel's Black Tie Affair

Even though black is one of MY favoritest colors in the whole wide world, I often think of the color black when I think of my sister who is just 12 months and 2 weeks younger than I am. Many people associate "black" with dark, creepy, haunted, sad, etc. Not me. The color Black to me means Classy, original, neutral, universal, elegant, simple, yet modern. I have actually considered painting a room black as my "neutral" color. Seriously.

Ok, Rachel is all of those things. She has classic taste. She has original ideas. She is elegant, but simple all at once. Black also reminds me of vintage and retro, and those genres also remind me of Rachel. I think of things that are unique, like black jelly beans. She is a very unique person, and every time I turn around she has a new talent or skill that just blows me away! Also, a lot of things seem more "black & white" with her too. So, maybe that is why I think of black. And as far as "creepy" or "haunted" go... she does love Halloween! Black is back baby!

Oh, by the way... in my search for "black" on google images, I ran across a baby crib all decked out in Black & White Toile.... I heard the jingle from Chili's in my head and thought, "Baby Black Cribs!" bwahahahaha!

All right, 'nuff said. Here is Rachel... in black!


Alice in Wonderland said...

I must admit that I wear a lot of black! Mainly because it is practical, easy to dress-up or dress casually, and it is just a timeless, classic and elegant colour.
Black is a colour that is always fashionable.

greenolive said...

Black really does fit Rachel. Did you know she used to want to work in a mortuary? Maybe she still does. And she loves black licorice and stuff. She looks good in black, and I bet it's her favorite color. Good job Emma, another good pick.

Susie said...

You made black sound cool and not dark!

Cassie the Sassie Lassie said...

I think the same thing about black-it's not creepy, but it matches everything!!! I love it. You've been doing a wonderful job explaining your family. Can't wait to hear more!

Betty said...

I like black too. It goes well with any color and is simple and elegant. I agree.

RhondaLue said...

I like black cuz it camoflauges fat. a little anyway, ha ha!

But yes, its classy and timeless. love it! :)