Thursday, August 5, 2010

Purple People Eater: Sam

Many people out there might not think the color purple can be manly. However, I think many men look good in purple. I have 2 brothers, both younger. I refer to the older one as my Older-Younger brother, and the younger as my Younger-Younger brother. Sam is my Older-Younger Brother. And when I think of him in terms of "colors", I have and always will think the color purple. He did wear quite a bit of purple growing up, and that probably has a lot to do with it. But the other thing about Sam is that he is often times motivated by fun. He enjoys a laid-back, but fun kind of lifestyle.

In addition to "fun", I also think of purple as symbolizing both nobility and spirituality. He is both of those things as well. He is named after two other generations of men with the same family name, and "represents" them well. He doesn't get all riled up over the insignificant stuff in life. But the stuff that is truly important, the stuff that really matters he is loyal to. And no matter where the journey takes him, he will be the one laughing and smiling along the way.


Susie said...

He sounds great!

greenolive said...

I'm happy to see you found a purple hawaiian shirt. What could represent Samuel more than that? Samuel is fun and laid back and very loyal. He is just one of those people you like to be around because he's funny and he always has something interesting to say. I swear people are hanging on the edge of their seats just waiting to hear what will come out.

Ruthykins said...

hey, greenolive, do you remember that purple liquid lamé shirt he used to wear? i always thought it was awesome.

The Blonde Duck said...

I just don't like it when men wear pink. That's my color.

RhondaLue said...

I've never seen a picture of either of your brothers. I would like to so I can picture them. ha ha

Purple is my very's more subdued than a bright red but still vibrant and colorful. I like it a lot!

Purple Lame' shirt? ha ha that reminds me of the Cosby show for some reason.