Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pretty in Pink

We have finally made it... the "baby"... "Baby Ruth". Whenever I think of my sister Ruthie, I always think of the color pink. Her extremely fair skin and blonde hair definitely make her look Perfect in Pink.

I don't think she'd consider herself a "girly-girl" princess type or anything. But she does enjoy femininity. She loves making all of the fru-fru princessy stuff for her daughter. And she just seems to enjoy all things pretty. She loves flowers and cutesy cupcakes and adorable fabrics, etc. But she also seems to like some of the Art Deco or Retro pink.

When she was a wee little tyke I remember her loving Strawberry Shortcake. And so, I guess I think of red as her "secondary color", but only when combined with pink. Remember the Nestle Quick Strawberry Flavored Milk Powder? Yeah... I remember her loving that when she was little too. It turned your milk Pink!

Although she is very down to earth, Ruthie also likes to "glam" things up quite a bit. This is just one more reason to Think Pink when I think of her. I never felt like I had quite the right skin tone for pink. I felt like I had to be really tanned for it to look good on me. With my olive skin tones, I didn't have the fair skin w/ rosy cheek combo like Ruthie. So, if I didn't have the opposite, the deep, dark, tan... well, then Pink just makes me look washed out. But she pulls off pink rather nicely.

So, there you have it.... Pretty in Pink with Ruthie.


Ruthykins said...

you got me pretty good. and the more froufrou the better.

Alice in Wonderland said...

LOL! I am beginning to associate people with colours now!
I am really enjoying these colourful people that make up your "Family".

greenolive said...

Love the pink cow and the owl pillow. Ruth sure is pink.

Susie said...

So sweet!