Wednesday, August 11, 2010

EJ in the Sandbox

EJ is my younger-younger brother. And I guess I'm finding through this whole "color" ordeal on my blog, I feel like I probably know the least about him than my other siblings. I was at the top of the food chain, per se, while he was at the bottom... hehehe. Sometimes I feel a little sad I do not know him as well as the others. But, we've usually lived far apart as adults, and probably because he isn't a blogger like the girls, ... well you get the idea.

I usually think of EJ as "sand colored"... beige, tan, etc. Meaning he "fits in" to just about anyplace. He's like a chameleon in that way. He can be a d0rk with the best of them or be super cool. He just seems to adapt to his environment well. He lived in the Dominican Republic for 2 years for missionary work for church and he quickly added to the Spanish he learned in high school and soon was speaking as fast if not faster than those from the D.R. In fact a Mexican told him HE could hardly keep up with EJ's speed! lol!

I think another reason I think of EJ as sand is because he has been in the army for about 6 or 7 years or so, and during that time has been out in the "sandbox" in either Iraq or Afghanistan... So, he also rolls in and out with the tide as he comes home periodically for R & R or in between deployments.

Although EJ likes the nice things of life, he isn't demanding of them... he is uber happy with life's simplest things, as long as those he loves are happy too. And finally, I suppose on top of that, his sandy blonde hair makes me think of sand color too. So, there you have it... my younger-younger bro, EJ.


Susie said...

He sounds great. Thank you for his service.

Alice in Wonderland said...

I love the way that you are identifying your family with colours!

Very interesting posts.
Big hugs!

greenolive said...

Oh good you got some root beer in there. You pegged him pretty good for not thinking you knew him too well. I only have two favorite brothers and EJ is one of them.

The Blonde Duck said...

He sounds like a wonderful guy!

Ruthykins said...

i can't relate. i feel close to all the sibs. maybe even equally, but i do contact each of them regularly. ej is the one that i have the least contact with, but growing up we were always together. maybe that's why i feel like i know him so well.

mrbusdr said...

Is the climbing tower from Oxbow or Bonneyville Park?