Sunday, July 11, 2010

Family Vacation, First Stop: Cove Fort

We were supposed to leave in Friday. But then we found out that my oldest son's "Pioneer Trek" adventure wouldn't be over in time. And they wanted the parents to come and pick up their youth in Wyoming Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately our tickets for the shows are nonrefundable, non-changeable. Luckily, the shows weren't scheduled until Monday and Tuesday of this coming week. That meant, we'd have to leave Sunday. It wasn't my first or best option, but I really felt that Pioneer Trek would be a chance of a lifetime and wanted my oldest to go. So, we left this morning.

Well today since we'd be on the road, we'd miss church. I felt like we still needed inspiration and some sort of "faith" building experience, so after we read our scriptures this morning we headed out, listening to what I refer to as "Sunday Sounds" on the ipod (Good, uplifting music).

We were making excellent time, and about halfway there, I realized that we'd arrive at our hotel before we'd be allowed to check in. I remembered that Cove Fort was on the way, and decided we'd stop and spend about an hour there.

The president of the Mormon Church, at the time the pioneers settled in Utah was Brigham Young. As more and more Saints traveled to Utah, Brigham Young would send them to various parts of the state to settle and build towns. Many ventured to the Southern part of the state to St. George. As many people would travel to and from the Salt Lake Valley, they would camp along the way. A common spot was where Cove Fort stands today. During that period of time, there was an Indian War going on. Brigham Young had asked Ira Hinckley, of Coalville, UT to build Cove Fort. This would be a resting place for travelers passing through. Here they would get a hot meal, a good night's rest and of course refuge from the Indians. Interestingly enough however, the Indians and the Hinckleys of Cove Fort never had any contention. In fact, in spite of the war going on, Ira Hinckley did many trades with the Indians, and the Indians respected him for they way he treated them just as he would any other human being. The cost was $.35 per meal or 3 for $1. The stagecoach from the North and the stagecoach from the South would also make regular stops here and the passers-by would usually spend the night. Cove Fort has hosted many ministers from several faiths, missionaries, government officials, and the "average" traveler.

Here are some pics of our visit.

It was a nice breezy day and the weather was perfect. We got to learn a little more about the history of some of our early church members and settlers. I thought it was a perfect Sunday activity!


Susie said...

I would say that was perfect!

Puphigirl said...

Whenever we do our BBQ booth at Fillmore we get people coming over from Cove Fort. I have yet to visit Cove Fort.

The Blonde Duck said...

It sounds so fun!

Tulsi said...

Isn't Cove Fort a fun place. When we lived in Fillmore we went there a few times. I had a hard time with Cove Fort for years. Not the actual Fort. But the bend in the road on the freeway where the gas station is built. When I was in College a girl I knew who she was, and she was in one of Steve's college classes was murdered there on her way to a funeral in Fillmore. It really was years before I could drive that free way part and not think about that. There was a murder on the other side of the free way, too. That happened when we lived in Fillmore many years after college. Cove Fort brings up so many different memories for me. I always wondered what the deal was with Cove Fort. Did you attend the shows here? Did you get to go in the Light house? We live near the Light House.

Megan said...

I've only been to Cove Fort once and it was after I became a Hinckley. It was so awesome to see and hear about what was now MY family history. And I laughed pretty hard when they gave us one of those little wooden spinny toys on a string and Dan told me he had made 1,000 of those for his eagle scout project.

It's a really cool place, though. Interestingly, the only person who was ever shot or wounded at Cove Fort was Dan's great grandfather. And he shot himself in the leg when he was young. So, like you said... it was a safe place. Unless you're a dumb kid with a gun.

EmmaP said...

Megan, it was actually his brother that shot him on accident, and lol about Dan's service project.