Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family Vacation: The End

Day 4 of our vacation was mainly the day we packed up and left for home. We slept in till about 9am, did the breakfast thing at the hotel, and I was able to get everything packed up and loaded neatly in the van by 10:40. We checked out and then said our goodbyes to Cedar City.

The night before I visited the RedBox and checked out a handful of DVDs for our trip back. My car stereo has an auxilliary input where I can use an AV chord to plug in my iPod or phone or laptop and get hands free surround sound. It's way cool. So, we hook up my laptop (which is postioned between the 2 front seats, on top of cooler #1) and we are set for movies with surround sound! Oh, and I also have a power cord adapter with 3 input areas, so I can charge my laptop, iPod and phone all at once too. Again, waaay cool!

My oldest got to drive about 30 minutes (on a stretch that I was comfortable with!) from one rest stop to the next, so he thought that was cool.

After a brief pull-the-car-over-and-have-a-discussion moment with the 2 youngers, they all behaved extremely well the rest of the way home.

I have to say that I really enjoyed our visit, and I would recommend it to anyone. As far as the shows at the Shakespeare Festival, those were fun. I was glad I researched the shows ahead of time and picked the ones I thought my kids would enjoy. I was also glad I bought the matinee tickets and not tickets for the evening performances. They were a little cheaper, which means I could afford the seats I wanted. Although, my kids noticed there were a lot more "blue hairs" at the afternoon shows, than what the lines revealed for the evening shows. I told them that was because they had to be done in time to eat dinner at the 4:30pm early bird special! lol!

I would also have to say that I'd recommend the Abbey Inn of Cedar City to anyone.

Normally, I despise staying in "motels". Many times in Motels, even though they tell you it's a non-smoking room, you can smell the smoke in the walls and carpets. The blankets are thin, the mattresses lumpy, and they scrimp on the number of pillows they give you (I always pack a few extra). Once I stayed in a motel for a quickie passing-thru-town-and-need-a-place-to-crash night. The "continental breakfast" the next morning consisted of Little Debbie Honey Buns and coffee. The pool, if they have one sort of looks like a cess pool and there just doesn't seem to be enough bleach to kill what's floating in there. Also, once housekeeping stole a digital camera I had LOCKED in the room "safe". So, yes. I really, really, really hate staying in Motels. I much prefer HOTELS to MOTELS. Or better yet a bed and breakfast or really nice cabin!

However, like I said, I would recommend the Abbey Inn to ANYONE. It is newly remodeled and just feels luxorious. Classy looking rooms with fine linens (850 threadcount Egyptian Cotton sheets), brand new pillowtop matresses, 4 feather pillows per bed (good for my knees and hips!), granite countertops, Bath & Body complimentary products in the bathroom, an indoor pool and hottub, a cute little "Breakfast House" with a full service breakfast where you can get waffles, biscuits & gravy, eggs, sausage, oatmeal, muffins, bagels, toast, fresh fruit, or cereal. My kids loved the 42" Flat screen TVs too and they brought their xBox so we could play games and watch DVDs at night. The management staff and housekeeping were clean and friendly and ALL of them spoke English (a plus!). Also, ALL of the rooms are smoke-free. I never caught a whif of cigs and I never so much as even heard the guests on either side of our room. Oh, and they also had free Wi-Fi, so it was really easy to upload my pics each night and keep up with blogging! =D

I did happen to walk past the Honeymoon suite while they were cleaning it one morning. It looks verrrrry nice and would make a cute anniversary getaway too! Oh, and they also have a 4 bedroom house just north of the Inn that they rent out too, for larger families or groups.

So, all in all we had a lot of fun playing and relaxing and eating! Thanks for coming along with us on our virtual journey with us!!!


RhondaLue said...

you should get paid for that review! It makes me wanna go!

Susie said...

Your family is so gorgeous!!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Wow! I loved that "journey" with you!
I agree on the Motels, I'd rather stay somewhere where I felt safe and comfortable, but I always feel uneasy about sleeping in a bed that has just been vacated! (Ugh!) And the smell of cigarettes is another "No-No".
Bed linen and carpets must be clean too!
Yes, I am totally freaky about "who has been there before me!"

Holli and Billy said...

Sounds like fun! Someday I would like to go down to the Shakespeare Festival!

Cassie the Sassie Lassie said...

Sounds like you guys had an AWESOME vacation. Glad you (and your kids) enjoyed it. Not all vacations are like that (I speak from experience). Lucky you were so ready with your movies and surround sound! Did you guys take the van? Glad the motel was nice. We've gone to a few of those, and it's not a good experience.

Debbi said...

I love thoes "pull over and have a talk" moments where I freak-the-heck out at the screaming children, yelling obscenities for them to STOP YELLING.

productive is my middle name.

The Willeyes said...

Such a great picture!!!!!