Monday, June 7, 2010

Not Me Monday

It's been a while since I've been in the Not Me Monday groove...but it's that time tell you all of the things that did or did not happen this past week.

I did NOT start the week off with tons of sinus pressure and a 2-day sinus headache. I also did NOT have a kidlet who had herself a little virus w/ fever and she did NOT miss 2 days of the last week of school.

I did NOT get an A on my first Meteorology exam, for which I did NOT study and review three chapters for. The two main things I did NOT find interesting in my Meteorological studies this week were NOT a) Cloudy Days and Clear, Dry Nights provide optimum coolness in the summer. (I would have guessed that cloudy nights made things cooler.) and b) To avoid heat exhaustion in extreme heat, one should spend a minimum of 2 hours a day in an air conditioned environment. This does NOT remind me of the time I was preggo with LittleDuckling and we were NOT without a/c in our downtown apt., and I'd push FunnyMan in the stroller and we'd walk over and hang out in the mall all afternoon! ~okay~ Back to the post...

I did NOT say that my high schooler could have friends over for a li'l ol' backyard BBQ and they did NOT have Hotdogs, S'mores and homemade root beer, and then I did NOT allow them to burn a ton of homework in the firepit. They did NOT create a ton of Ash.

I did NOT get results back on my recent blood labs and everything there did NOT check out "normal", except for my cholesterol which was NOT considered "optimal". I guess my cholesterol is NOT an overachiever, tee hee. As glad as I am about the blood work results, this also does NOT mean that we are still looking for "answers".

My father did NOT pass through the area and did NOT stop by to say hi and to work on a few things for me, and he did NOT leave with me a Father's Blessing.

I did NOT sew a little and refurbish some thrift store finds to make a Cleopatra and a Robin Hood costume for an upcoming par-tay. They did NOT turn out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. (And I do... cuz I'm not really a good seamstress. Really. I'm not.)

Finally, I did NOT put off housework Saturday to drive down to Payson and see my friend, CSIGuy for some crime scene tape and we did NOT hang out for a couple of hours and chat and laugh our butts off! Then, on my way back, I did NOT stop off in Orem to see another friend, CollegeGuy and we did NOT go to an early dinner and discuss his recent dating woes and catch up on old times and I did NOT say slightly inappropriate things in front of the server just to get a reaction. Also, we did NOT watch the movie Killers, and we did NOT laugh our butts off and it totally did NOT make me wanna get my gun out and play with it. :) And as always, CollegeGuy was such a gem and paid! ~awww~

So... what did you NOT do this week?


Susie said...

It has NOT been a while since you have done this:-)

I am NOT going to spend my week getting ready for a HUGE road trip:-)

Holli and Billy said...

Yay for Not Me Monday's!!!

Puphigirl said...

My kids did NOT house sit for my cousin and keep her big Newfoundland company.

My husband and I did NOT go on a double date and see The Losers which was action packed.

Alice in Wonderland said...

I love these Not Me Mondays, and I have NOT missed them!

Big hugs!

Cassie the Sassie Lassie said...

I did NOT see cute shit tzu-yorkie pups, and did NOT almost ALMOST convince my mom to get one.... So NOT close... (sigh)

I really liked that cookie said...

I did NOT find this blog and I did NOT laugh so hard that my makeup ended on my cheeks.

And I did definatly NOT subscribe to see what's NOT going to happen next.