Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Honesty Is Sometimes Funny

I have this friend, CollegeGuy...(I met him many moons ago when we were both in college). Anyway, we "ran into each other" on Facebook about 2 years ago. We did the lunch thing and caught up on old times. It was a lot of fun. Since then we get together every now and again. We share our stories of romance and heartache and our general well-being with each other. We are good friends... nothing more, nothing less.

We are such good friends, we can be completely honest with each other without hurting each other's feeling. I call him on his crap, he calls me on mine and then we usually laugh over it. We are the kind of friends who don't need to be in each other's lives all the time, but when we get together we can have a blast.

I had to drive down to his neck of the woods last Saturday to pick up some Crime Scene Tape from CSIGuy, and decided to stop and see CollegeGuy on the way back home. We did dinner and a movie and totally laughed our butts off. For the record, we had the best Pistachio Gelato I have ever tasted in my entire life... MMMM! I could've bathed in the stuff!

Anyway, we were sort of reminiscing about "old times" and discussing the dynamics of our relationship (everything I pretty much just summed up). I started laughing hysterically when I remembered an incident last year and then of course had to remind him about it... "Remember when...?"

Near the end of the summer last year, CollegeGuy sends me a text, "It's my birthday today... wanna come down and see a movie with me tonight?"

I reply, "Ok. But we're NOT making out."

He texts back, "Ummm...I'll get back to you."

hahahahaha! I find this complete honesty utterly hilarious, mostly because we were both serious! About 10 minutes pass and then I get another text, something along the lines of:

"Ok, no one else is available. I guess you're it..."

Face it, sometimes honesty can be funny.


kissypoohporter said...

that is hilarious!!! if only everyone would just say it like it is...it would be SO refreshing!!

Cassie the Sassie Lassie said...

It's great to have a friend like that, especially one that's a guy. And it's great that you can laugh about it. Most girls get offended and won't talk to that person for weeks afterward (that bugs me SOOOOO much....)

Hope you're doing well! Let us know if you ever need anything (a free weekend from kids... wink wink)

Ruthykins said...

nice. if you do end up making out will you tell us about it?

Susie said...

Too funny!!