Friday, June 18, 2010

If You're Scared, Look Towards the Light

I took a day off of work yesterday; well, my paying job that is. I still worked.

I got up and dropped my oldest at summer school. Then I went BACK.TO.BED. until 9:30. It was heaven.

Next, I ran errands, like Costco, the grocery store, etc. I also trimmed my out-of-control rose bush so it would stop assaulting me every time I walked past. Got groceries put away, cleaned my house from top to bottom and even managed to get 4 loads of laundry done AND listened to an online lecture for school.

I tried a new Taco Salad Recipe (Thanks Linda & Jen!) and got my grill on for dinner. The sister who lives close by came over with her hubby & kids. And, my aunt from Tennessee (the one that sent me treats @ Christmas) and her daughter and her grandson came to visit too! They made the road trip because my Aunt and cousin are dropping my cousin's son off to college and he is starting Summer Term. We ate. We laughed. We got the fire pit going and the kids made s'mores and "roasted" Starbursts.

Even after the out-of-towners headed back to the hotel to sleep, my sister & BIL & I hung out until MIDNIGHT and chatted and laughed and wheezed and almost peed our pants. Guess we lost track of time... oops.

The little ones wanted a sleepover. We obliged. It took them about 30 minutes or so to wind down. I kept hearing whispers and giggles. And the littlest one must have gotten scared at some points, cuz then I'd hear PrettyPrettyPrincess say, "If you get scared, just look towards the light." She was referring to the light from the bathroom, bleeding into the hallway and shining in her room. Nevertheless, it made me smile.

Here's a pic of the cousin sleepover in progress.

After-Party clean up was a breeze, thanks to paper products. I know I need to go to work tomorrow (which is now today). But it's productive and fun days like this that makes me wish I didn't have to :)


Puphigirl said...

I hope they don't get too scared tonight. Sorry we kept you up so late, we just were having great conversation topics. And I don't think the wheezing tonight was as bad as other nights.

Susie said...

That does sound like a fun way to spend a day off:-)

Ruthykins said...

which cousin? and which kid? and which college?