Thursday, May 20, 2010

Updates and School

Well, no news in the health arena. Saw a Dr. on Tuesday and she ordered a full lab work-up: lipids, blood cell count, glucose, anemia, etc. etc. She also referred me to a cardiologist for an ultrasound on my heart and the joyous stress test.

I am still having the tingling in my underarm/chest area on my right-side and tingling in my lips. I feel exhausted too. Not like my normal exhaustion... more like I just got the crap beat out of me and I need to go and lay down exhaustion. Speaking of beatings... when I got home from work yesterday and was changing clothes, I noticed about 10 bruises, in all different shapes and sizes in random spots all over my belly. Weird? Yup.

In other news... I am not liking school right now. On the one hand, I know I would have regretted not taking classes this summer. On the other hand, they are both SCIENCE classes. Bleh. I am not a fan. I feel like I have to read and reread the same passage of text at least 4 times in an effort to at least remember the general topic! I am only into this a few days and am having a hard time with the reading. What can I say? Some people love math, some people love science! Me? I am more of a creative writing/English/Music gal. :)

I think I need to not stress about straight A's this semester. My only goals are to do my best and pass!

Favorites classes since starting back to school this past fall? Definitely Criminal Justice, Political Science and Writing.

Least favorites? Computers (that instructor was a homework Nazi!), and now Conservation Biology and Meteorology! We'll see... maybe once we get going and I sink my teeth into it, it won't be so bad.


Deborah said...

Report the bruises to your doctor, please, Emma. Unexplained bruising can be an important symptom.

Praying for you to find out what's going on and get better!

greenolive said...

What kind of science classes? Some of them can be fun like physics.

Puphigirl said...

I have had a couple of classes that I would be happy to only pass. American Heritage and Humanities.

American Heritage was hard because it isn't just history (which I am fine with) but it is about politics (which I don't like).

Humanities is hard because it is history with art, music and literature. Just a lot to keep track of.

S Club Mama said...

meteorology would be fun! when I took science & math, my goal was passing. :D (I got As but that's besides the point). LOL

still praying for at least an answer for your symptoms.

Susie said...

Sounds your education is moving right along:-)

okeydokeyifine said...

Sorry about the bleh science classes. Just focus on the stuff and use life skills to match it with use formulas like "recipes". Or "draw" the biology out on a art sheet to follow the "workings" of what you are studying.
Now for the health issues....I look up a lot of things and I Do Not Like any of them. Get a blessing and really pray that the doctor can find out what is wrong and be able to treat it. C-U-Soon. MOM

Tulsi said...

I'm glad you went to the doc and had so many things done. The bruising is a little weird. You may be able to call your doctor on that.

mrbusdr said...

I wonder if you are being examined by aliens. That would explain the wierd bruises. They are probably giving you an amnesia inducing drug so you will remember nothing. Look for burned grass in the neighborhood where their craft may have landed. A Geiger counter would be usefull to detect radioactivity at the landing area.

EmmaP said...

dad... you are funny.