Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day from 2nd Grade

When I was in second grade, my teacher, Mrs. Brotherson decided that each student would write an essay. She then collected them, typed them up -- leaving the spelling and grammar exactly as we had written them, and bound them together in books. Each student was then given a copy of the book to give to his or her mother for Mother's Day. The book was entitled, "I Love My Mom Because... A Collection of Stories by Room 1". Underneath was the date, Mother's Day, May 9, 1982.

I still have this book, so I thought today I'd share some of these "stories" with you. Of course I included mine, plus some of my favorites -- Enjoy!

I love my mom because she loves me. Also because she had seven children. My mom is intelligent and admired. If I didn't have a mom, who would get mad at me? If I didn't have a mom I wouldn't be born. My mom helps me with homework, especially words.
- by Emma Miller

I love my mom because she is nice to me. And she takes me to swiming lessens. She takes time to play with me. When I get a good report card she takes me to any restraunt I want. And at night she says my prairs with me and kisses me goodnight. But most of all is that I love her and she loves me.
- by Keri Yoder

I love my mom because she loves me. She is going to have a baby pretty soon. She tucks me in bed and cooks for me. She takes me to the store and she takes me to my friends and she takes me to Bible school.
- by Lavern Patterson

I love my mom because she lets Jade and Jon come over to my house and play. On Christmas she gave me a necklace. Sometimes I get mad at her but I love my mom anyways. On last Easter she gave me a hamster and I liked that very much. My mom doesn't like kittens when Smokey had babys she had to give them to the Pet Palace and I was sad but I love her anyways.
- by Michelle Nielsen

I love my mom because she is nice to me. She buys me clothes and she bought me a bed to sleep in. She makes good food too. She lets me clean the house after she leaves. Every year we go on vacation to Florida. My mom takes us to McDonalds to eat dinner.
- by Tara Thalheimer

I love my mom because she takes me to the fair and I ride on lots of rides. I play games there sometimes I win. I won a dog once. We lesened to some rock n' roll. Man is that music jazzy. She lets me watch cartoons. I watch Tom and Jerry because that's my favrit cartoon.
- by Randy Fox

Most of the "stories" by Room 1 included "I love my mom because she gives me allowance..." and "...she takes me to McDonalds..."... and "...she lets me do whatever I want..." In fact, I don't think I had ever even HEARD of allowance until this book came out. Wonder what Tara thought about her mom LETTING her clean the house after hearing how so many other of her friends were getting PAID! hahaha!

My biggest wish for all of you women out there - whether you are a Mother, want to be a Mother, have a Mother that has already passed, or somewhere in between -- may you recognize the gifts God has given you; your divine roles, your divine destiny. May you recognize the impact important women have had on your lives, and may you be that woman to someone else. Happy Mother's Day!


Susie said...

So sweet:-)

Happy Mother's Day:-)

Betty said...

Happy Mothers Day Emma!

Janet said...

Hope you had a great Mother's Day, and gave your kids extra allowance followed by a trip to McDonald's. Loved those 2nd grade sentiments!

KiennaP said...

I love my mom because she is a "slacker" mom! hehehe...:)

okeydokeyifine said...

Nice one Kienna

Catherine said...

Hope you had a great Mothers Day! But the real reason I'm commenting is because you're almost always at the top of my blog roll list and you've slipped to about 1/3 of the way down. I hope all is well with you and it's just busy-ness with all you've got going on rather than some illness or something! Looking forward to reading more on your blog!

Vickie said...

Awe! Sniff:)

This stuff always gets me.

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