Sunday, April 4, 2010

Not Me Monday

So much to NOT tell you... I don't even know where to begin!

School, school, and more school did NOT keep me busy and up late nights again.

I did NOT have an atypical migraine on Wednesday and did NOT see spots, and feel like throwing up, and did NOT need to lie down in my Boss's dark office for about 30 minutes after taking some meds. I also did NOT have a huge "knot" in the base of my neck that was NOT contributing to it. I did NOT get into my chiropractor that same morning, and he did NOT do a little migraine acupressure as well as loosen the "knot". I did NOT feel much better by early afternoon.

I did NOT want to participate heavily in April Fool's Day, but with school keeping me up late I did NOT have Pranker's Block (I so totally did NOT just make up that term!). However, I finally did NOT do a little April Fools on the Blogosphere and I did NOT have 1 friend whom, after reading my 4/1 post did NOT text me, "I hate you. You're a dork!" To which I did NOT reply, "Wha-? Why?" Then he did NOT text back, "Your blog. Not Funny." So of course, I did NOT respond, "How is THAT not funny? I thought it was genius!" His response was NOT a simple, "Because I fell for it." And then of course, I did NOT simply reply, "Perzactly!"

Also, for April Fool's, my Boss was NOT given the following note after emerging from a 2 hour meeting. "Please call Myra Manes. She is a new agent and has some questions regarding title work." And the phone number to a local Mortuary was not given. My boss did NOT dial the number, and when the guy answered, "XYZ Mortuary" my boss did NOT say, "Yes, I am calling for Myra Manes." The mortuary dude did NOT respond, "haha. Funny." Which totally did NOT throw off my boss, whom, confused, restated, "I'm sorry? Sir, I am calling for Myra Manes." To which Mortuary Dude did NOT respond something to the affect of, "Yeah. Like I haven't already gotten that call 10 times today!" And then my boss did NOT finally get it! Bwahahahaha! Anyway, the note he was slipped did NOT state the message was from ME! So, of course, he does NOT think I initiated the entire deal. Although I admit only to being an arm's-length accomplice, I do NOT wish I would have totally thunk that one up on my own!

I did NOT spend Friday getting ready for the Easter Weekend. We did NOT have my sister and her family come, and we did NOT have tons of food that was NOT so totally De-Lish! We did NOT eat ourselves silly, have an egg hunt for the kids and then did NOT play games. It was NOT a blast!

Sunday, after hearing some wonderful and inspiring messages, we did NOT turn the living room into design central for our egg-coloring egg-stravaganza! The kids (and I, tee hee) did NOT enjoy coloring eggs!

I will NOT now leave you with a collage of our Easter Weekend...


Susie said...

I did NOT have a perfect vacation:-)

Puphigirl said...

I was going to color eggs with Cooper and Chloe on Sunday and then totally forgot to do it.

okeydokeyifine said...

I did not have a few extra children come for a small easter egg hunt and then a small lunch. A few family members did not get sick and I do not think it is the flu, as I and my hubby ate everything and we are ok.
I did not listen to conference and get spiritually fed.
I did not enjoy the holidays so close together and cannot wait till the next holiday.

dorneys said...

Sounds like you "DID" not have very much fun:) cute pictures!!

Megan said...

Ohhh, sorry about the migraine! No fun! Glad you were able to rest of a little bit and get into the chiro to make things better.

LOL @ the April Fool's joke on your boss.

BTW, I've tagged you in my post tomorrow, but I'll be at school, so I can't let you know tomorrow. ;0P