Monday, April 12, 2010

Bloggy Boutique Week: Tulsi's Tie Ons

Today, while browsing my "Bloggy Boutique" I'd like to introduce you to one craftsy & cutesy Mama! I am not kidding when I say this woman's got skills! And these aren't just your average nun-chuck skills, kick-boxing skills, or computer-hacking skills. Nope... I am talking SEWING! This is something I pretty much have always sucked at. People tell me, "just keep at it, you'll get it." Well, I have and I didn't. So, basically, some people can throw a ball, some can sing and others can sew -- like the Magnificent Tulsi!

{Tulsi}, (pronounced "Tulsa", like Tulsa, OK) makes some pretty awesome aprons - like THIS:

Seriously -- how cute is this!?!?!?! She also does Aprons for kids. Think art smock!

Tulsi reveals her love of aprons and why she enjoys sewing them. She says:

Apron's are such an important part of History. They were used by great great grandmother's to gather eggs, take care of babies, keep their clothing clean and pretty much all other tasks. Rarely did a grandmother go with out an apron. They are still used to keep clothing clean, but with much more style. Apron's don't have to look "functional" to be "functional". I like fun, bright colors. Cooking is more fun with a splash of color. Go ahead - answer the door in it!! With the right apron, cooking tastes better, the sun shines brighter and the birds sing better!! Each kitchen should have an apron and they make wonderful gifts for all occasions.

I love how she says food tastes better with an apron! And I never would have thought of them as gifts until I had been in a few apron swaps myself. Oh, that reminds me, Tulsi -- I was thinking it'd be nice to have "his" & "hers" coordinating aprons. Wouldn't that be an awesome wedding gift or a couples Christmas gift? (I shop early :) ) The fabric doesn't have to me matchy-matchy -- just something that would compliment each other. If you find some fabric that will work, let me know and considered it ordered!

So go check out more of Tulsi's Tie Ons ! You can also visit Tulsi over at her blog and tell her what you love about aprons! The Family Awaits .

Thanks Tulsi for sharing your wonderful talent at our Bloggy Boutique Week!


Susie said...

That IS really cute!!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Love these aprons!
Don't worry, I've not deserted you, I've been in hospital having my appendix removed, so I'm trying to catch up on everyone. I feel I have missed so much...but I'm still here!

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