Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bloggy Boutique Week: Orange You Happy?

Ok, I get a little misty-eyed talking about today's Bloggy Boutique Booth. I've known my friend {Amber} since she was just a wee little girl and I was a teenage babysitter. Amber has certainly had her ups and downs in life. The thing about Amber is, although I am sure she has her doggy-doggone-world days, I never, ever, EVER hear her complain! She always looks at the bright side of things.

After tragedy struck Amber's family, she stopped working to take care of hubby full time AS WELL AS go back to school. She opened her Etsy shop as a way to bring in a little extra income. With an outlook and attitude like hers, I wasn't surprised to find out she named her shop Orange You Happy?

Amber has a designer's eye for sure! She has created some of the most gorgeous bracelets, necklaces and earrings for the best price around! She uses beautiful beads and darling clasps! And if you don't see something you desire, she even takes "custom" orders!!! I should know... when I got my tax return, I treated myself to some "Orange You Happy" finds... and it's true... I Are Happy! :)

Amber is offering up a Handmade Bracelet as a giveaway on today's Bloggy Boutique spot! Check it out!!! This could be YOURS!!!
Here's how to Enter:

1) Visit Orange You Happy Etsy Shop

2) Comment back HERE and tell us which piece you love the most! Be sure to include your Blog URL or email address so we can notify you if you win!!!


3) Become a Fan HERE: Orange You Happy Facebook Fan Page (This is awesome, cuz her fan page will keep you informed of sales, free shipping days, new pieces, etc!)

You only have until midnight tonight - so bead it!!! hahaha! Winner will be announced tomorrow!

*Giveaway item determined by Orange You Happy Etsy Shop


Deborah said...

I like the Brown Shell Beaded Necklace--beautiful!

greenolive said...

I liked the blue and white bracelet and the beautiful glass bead bracelet. I'll have to order them when I have some extra cash.

ann said...

how do you pick just one thing I love all things she makes!!! but for today I would have to pick.....the brown and orange double strand.

Susie said...

She IS talented! I like the Black Flower Bracele:-)

Puphigirl said...

I have purchased quite a few bracelets. I see one and think, "Oh, that would match this outfit I have." I have purchased a pink & black, pink & brown, green, green & black, yellow & silver, red & silver, red & orange, and I received a complimentary purple bracelet with business cards. I love her stuff and it is affordable.

RhondaLue said... cool! And what a good example she is to those around her as she just keeps chugging along with that good attitude!

Alice in Wonderland said...

OOOH! I just love jewellery of all sorts! I always wear four rings and two bracelets for everyday wear, but I do like to make my own stuff too.
I loved those "spoon rings"! They are so pretty...I think I'm off the raid the odd cutlery draw now!
Living in England, I feel awkward about entering these "Give Aways" but I am planning one for my 200th follower.

Emily said...

I'll take ANY!!

Neff III family said...

No fair I had a busy week and didn't check in til it was too late :) But cute bracelets!

aernsberger said...

This was so much fun! Thanks Emma for letting me be a part of it!