Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday

This week...

I did NOT only get one run in, but I did NOT also manage to see some new trail friends (video at the end).

It was NOT LittleDuckling's 12th birthday, and he did NOT lodge a dagger into my chest when he did NOT inform me he is too old for Theme birthday parties and instead wanted a few friends to just come hang out and sleep over. I was NOT all like, "What -- think this is all about you?" hehehe. Nevertheless, I did NOT give in.

I did NOT do tons of homework and tests, and I did NOT finally get my grade back on my English midterm. I was NOT reading through the rave reviews I received from the instructor, such as, "Finally! A paper that starts off correctly!" or "beautifully said", or "this is perfect!" which totally did NOT feed my ego. Until... I scrolled down to see my grade. It was NOT a 95%!!! I was NOT like totally bummed. I mean, I do NOT get that it's still an 'A'. It's just that she offered no reason for marking it down. It did NOT totally bug me, especially since that is the first less-than-perfect score I have NOT received from her. I know... I shouldn't obsess.

When I told Big-D about it, he did NOT say stupid, uncaring, guy stuff like, "I don't see what the problem is" or "but it's still an A!" or "why are you upset again?" I did NOT reply with something to the effect of, "I know you do not understand. But right now, I need you to throw me a bone." He then did NOT reply, "Stupid teacher! What was she thinking? Giving you a 95!..." tee hee.

I did NOT accidentally reply to a text, which I thought was to my son saying, "I am going to see Ardis on the 9th. She lives in Lyman, WY. There is not much to do there, so if you're coming with me, you'll need to bring something to keep yourself entertained." I was NOT horrified at my mistake when my friend Dave replied, "Ok. I'm game!"

I did NOT have a bad day on Saturday, and cry most of the day. I did NOT wake from a dream that I had Cancer and when I told people they were NOT all shockingly cavalier and saying stuff like, "yeah, I hear it's going around" or "gee... sucks for you." I did NOT wake up feeling lonely, sad and dejected. It just wasn't one of those days. My mom did NOT call, but as it turns out, it was NOT just to tell me that LittleDuckling's bday check is in the mail. Then Greenolive called... but it was NOT just to ask me if I knew where to get cream of coconut. I did NOT know, and I did NOT tell her. Then PuphiGirl did NOT tell me that they could NOT come over after all. I did NOT feel even more rejected all day long.

I also did NOT have a dream that I was at a restaurant with Big-D and some girl-who-shall-remain-nameless did NOT come in and sit down at OUR table and attempt to flirt with him. As a result, I did NOT ensue in a cat fight and totally kick her trash!

In spite of sleeping most of the day Saturday and taking a long nap on Sunday, I did NOT spend most of yesterday enduring a massive migraine.

So... what did you NOT do this week?


Susie said...

I did NOT paint and repaint the walls in our living room:-)

greenolive said...

I did not selfishly bug my sister about cream of coconut, which I was not able to find thanks to her. I also did not bug her with an email yesterday with all my problems which I am now not totally feeling bad about. So now I am not hoping that she is having a better day.

Alice in Wonderland said...

I love reading about the things that you did NOT do, but I have trouble deciphering the things that you DID do!
Sorry about the migraine. Hope that you are feeling better!

EmmaP said...

Lol, Sarah. I am fine. It just sounded like you were busy. I am glad you emailed me. Can't wait to read it!

Jennifer Rae said...

I did NOT do finish finiding all the stars on my SuperMario Brothers Game!

Puphigirl said...

We had Home Teachers coming over at 7pm, and an Eagle Court of Honor at 6pm. It was just a busy Sunday night.

okeydokeyifine said...

I did not call you on saturday and did not want to bother you too much because I know of your busy life and studies so I did not keep you long on the phone...But know that I DO NOT love you so much, so when you are NOT in the mood to talk or cry DO NOT dial me up anytime. Also do not tell Big D I include him in my prayers. I figure he could use the extras.
I did not injure my arm and it is not already better. We did not teke the elders out to supper for Mexican and it was not delicious. We did not make sugar eggs and I did not give mine to my co-workers. I did not give the elders the almost empty box of coco-wheats for them to try to decide if they want to buy their own.
That is about it. Now I won't go watch my grandson's u-tube stuff.

Sweet Sassy Molassy said...

So when you woke from your cancer dream you weren't relieved that it was just a dream? You chicas and your dreams. Is seems that girls let dreams dictate their mood for the rest of the day.

RhondaLue said...

Ok this is so strange. I wasn't even going to mention it but it happens almost every time I'm on YOUR blog. Not anyone else's.

So I am reading, scrolling, reading, and after about a whole 3-6 seconds it automatically goes to "" from your blog. I keep having to hit the back button, find where I was, and continue reading. It's the strangest thing. Doesn't matter if my mouse is just on the scroll bar, at the top of your blog, in the middle...anyway,so it takes me twice as long to read your blog. I don't get it.

But it's worth the frustration.

I think I'll go do my own NOT ME monday post so you will know what i did NOT do. ;)

Tulsi said...

I love the "wrong person" text. I do that with my kids and Steve all of the time. They will always ask "did you mean this for........". Luckily there were not surprises ruined. Mikele woke up last night, well early am, and woke Steve up crying and saying she didn't know why she was so sad and couldn't stop crying. It was about 3am so he talked to her and she slept until nearly late for school. She had a really bad day. she had a good lunch time and was happy when she and D were here for lunch. D told me of his plans to ask Mik to Prom. Boys are just to cute while trying to surprise and do something sweet/cute for girls. Especially guys who can wait to tell their mother.