Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lost & Found

Found: The missing glove I lost last December.

Lost: My good sports bra... weird, huh?

Found: My drive to exercise again! Yay!

Lost: My drive to decorate for monthly holidays.

Found: That I can actually *almost* survive on less sleep that I am already not getting.

Lost: All my points on my TripRewards account, cuz I haven't used it in forever! ugh!

Found: The spot I'd like to take them on vacation this summer!

Lost: All of my contacts when my old phone died! (Email me your numbers again if you haven't already!)

Found: That I was right about some people.

Lost: My temper, just a little, when my kids were getting after each other the other day.

Found: that I LIKE my semi part-time work schedule... if only $ weren't an issue.

Lost: My desire to exercise again :)

Found: The few pounds I had previously "lost".

Lost: My recent negative attitude about work.

Found: More friends on Facebook!

Lost: My Marbles a time or two :)

Found: A desire to get more organized!

Lost: My patience in waiting for warm weather.

Found: A Zit in an ODD place!

Lost: A blog post I had been working on for a while now :(

Found: A New Idea for a FUN blog post! :)

What have YOU recently lost or found???


Betty said...

Lost my desire to exercise (me too!!)
Lost my sleep this morning...
and found a way to fill the time with blog reading and commenting! :)
Great post!

greenolive said...

Lost a battle over a granola bar.
Found a new Chinese restaurant.

Puphigirl said...

Lost the desire to exercise this morning because I woke up with a headache.

Found a new desire to try new recipes and enjoy cooking again.

RhondaLue said...

This is cute, me likey!

SO I wanna know where the zit was. Because I have an enquiring mind. lol

I lost my bad attitude about some stuff.

I FOUND that I accomplished THREE of my a matter of just three days. YAY ME.

The Willeyes said...

I have lost my marbles completely :) Found that I have some great friends to count on :)

Alice in Wonderland said...

I've lost lots of things lately, and it seems that I loose far more things than I find!
Lost my mojo completely, and I'm still trying to remember where I last had it.
Lost my desire to do anything!
Will it ever come back, those feelings I had?
Anyway, I have Ben & Jerry to keep me company!
Things can only get better!

Susie said...

Lost my ability to breathe.

Found the virtue of steriods.

Anonymous said...

I've had three cell phones die in very rapid succession and I am still trying to find many of the numbers I lost.