Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Interview With a Blogger: FunnyMan

Well, since I have sent you over to visit {PrettyPrettyPrincess} on her blog in times past, and since I am doing Bloggy Interviews (while I am away doing mid-term projects), I thought today I would introduce you to one of my other chillens that blogs. You know him on "Not So Usual" as "FunnyMan".

Do not ask me why, pray tell, he is in the garbage can at school. But this was back when he was in Jr. High... so who knows what was going on! FunnyMan is known for practical jokes, making films with his friends, drawing (a little), but mostly for his Writing. He likes to write stories and "poems", although most of his poetry are like lyrics to the tunes the rest of us can't hear, if that makes any sense. FunnyMan is Intelligent, Creative, Funny, Polite, a Peacemaker, Strong, and I must say Handsome (hahaha - I am your mother, I get to say that!). Here he is playing a trick on one of his friends...

And now... his bloggy interview:

1) My bloggy profile name is C.C.Panti

2) I am emmap's son

3) you can find MY blog here: Poems of the Newly Insane

4) You should definitely check out MY blog if you like teenage poetry

5) I think Blogging has helped our family keep connected (virtually)

6) I blog because... I keep it kind of like a journal, but if someone wants to read it I wouldn't mind

7) If I could have been blogging ten years ago, I would have been telling you all about..... Poop, probably. I was five back then.

8) The most technological advanced thing I own or I can do is an Ipod touch, I can edit movies

9) GrandDad was raised "Amish"... My "Amish" phrase is ... Howdy? Idk, I've not been with the Amish for awhile now

10) Something Emmap would probably never tell you about herself is... a lot of stuff that I probably wouldn't care about anyway

smart aleck!

And Finally... My best memories are falling asleep in the car while listening to James Taylor

Thanks, Funnyman. Leave your thoughts here, but be sure to check out some newly insane poetry {HERE}


greenolive said...

Funnyman is awesome. I've been reading his poems and I seriously almost hear the music that must be behind them sometimes. I've known this boys for a very long time and I love him a ton. I wish I could live closer to him because I just like spending time with him. He's so clever and funny and super talented. I don't think I could put into words how much I truly love my nephew except to say I love him as if he were my own.

Puphigirl said...

Hey funny man, I may need to pick your brain for some ideas of practical jokes.

Susie said...

I think it is great that he has his own blog!

Ruthykins said...

um, hello! why didn't i know he had a blog? did i miss the memo?!

Alice in Wonderland said...

I may have to pick his brains for some inspiration!
Also some April Fool pranks wouldn't go amiss either!
I'm just going to check him out!

Era said...

It's awesome that your kids have blogs too. I've enjoyed getting to know your family better.

RhondaLue said...

Why he gotta be so good lookin'? (watch out for those girls, Em, they have no shame these days!)

I'll go check out his teenage poetry! Though I wish he did have a blog at age 5. I like to hear about poop. (I have a 5 yr old and poop and BUTTS cause the most outrageous laughter 'round these parts. LOL!)