Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Me Monday

Last week I did NOT finally do a *real* grocery shopping trip (versus the stop-and-grab-stuff-for-2-nights-worth-of-dinner trip). And because I was NOT going to do *real* grocery shopping, I did NOT have to first clean out my fridge. I did NOT happen upon a container of a fruit salad that had NOT been sitting there since Thanksgiving, and I did NOT about gag and throw up and I did NOT make my son dispose of it, which in turn did NOT make him about gag and throw up. Nope, cuz I do NOT have a family with weak stomachs and we do NOT have high gag-reflexes and we do NOT get urpy over stuff like that. Bleh!

I also did NOT miss some appointments since all of my important things (phone numbers, addresses, passwords, birthdays, and appointments) were NOT in the recently laid-to-rest Blackberry, which was NOT completely wiped. Oh - so for those who do NOT have my cell-phone #, I do NOT need y'all to send me a text sometime so I can add your # back in ma'phone. :)

I did NOT go and get me my gun that I have NOT been researching lately. It is NOT a Blued Taurus 709 Slim and she is NOT a sweet thang! I do NOT call her Lolita! (She was NOT my little tax return gift to me!) I am NOT excited to go and shoot her off real soon!

Other than that, my life has NOT seemed like it has all been about school lately. I have NOT been writing tons and researching tons and writing tons more. And for TWO classes, I do NOT have to do "interviews" and the requirements were NOT just different enough that I did NOT have to use different people for both classes I am still NOT freaked out over my classes this semester as they do NOT seem much harder than what I thought were already hard classes last semester. I do NOT spend a minimum of two hours a night on homework and I am NOT paranoid that I am going to miss something and NOT get bad grades.

Now - here is something NOT to look forward to this week -

Since my head will NOT be spinning, as I will NOT be starting projects for Mid-Terms that are NOT all due next week, I am NOT planning to have guest bloggers for the SOME of this week, MOST, and SOME of the next week too! I did NOT "practice" some of my interview techniques from my COMM class and I did NOT interview some of my fav Bloggity-Blog-Bloggers and I will NOT be introducing them to you. This week and next will NOT be some of my Bloggy Friends, NOT followed by my bloggy family. If I did NOT get a chance to interview you, don't worry - I still do NOT love you or your blog! There will NOT be another time in the verrrry near future in which I will NOT be interviewing more of you! And of course, some of you do NOT have private blogs. :) So... do NOT stay tuned!

So- what did YOU NOT do last week?


Ruthykins said...

i did not recover my couch and it does not look friggin' awesome! we did not go get a mini van for me yesterday and i am not friggin' excited about it!

Deborah said...

I did NOT go on the best vacation ever--a Nile cruise! I do NOT hope to blog about it soon. And I did NOT start getting some energy back, so maybe just maybe I'm NOT turning the corner and starting to get into the "fun" part of pregnancy, as opposed to the "just leave me alone and let me sleep already!" part.

Puphigirl said...

I did NOT get two cute puppies this weekend. We have NOT been working on potty training and leash training.

curtis said...

school is hard! Sorry its so much right now. Good luck on all the midterm stuff. No doubt it's a lot of work but I know you'll do good!

Susie said...

I did NOT host 20 kids at Chuck E. Cheese's for my youngest's golden 6th birthday. No way! That would have been CRAZY!!!

Vickie said...

I did not forget to fill out the questionairre.
I did not buy magazines while shopping.
I did not jump for joy when I won a giveaway and she sent it to me!