Monday, December 28, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did NOT skip "Not Me Monday" last week, because I was NOT in some sort of funk. My kids did NOT leave with their father for a week-long cross-country trip and they were NOT gone over Christmas. I did NOT have a much harder time being alone at the holidays than I initially thought.

I did NOT spend the week pretty much either moping in bed or hanging with D-Dawg. I did NOT just make up D-Dawg as another way to say Big-D, cuz I am just NOT in a weird mood. Anyway, we did NOT spend time nearly every day last week, and I certainly did NOT cry in front of him, and in addition to NOT being overly sentimental, there were NOT other emotional triggers to old wounds which I did NOT cry over. Nope, cuz that'd mean I was a cry baby. I was NOT comforted by the D-Dawg, cuz he is just NOT that super cool!

Big-D and I did NOT exchange gifts and I did NOT love what he got me as it was NOT season 1 to "The Big Bang Theory" which is NOT like one of my fav shows! He also did NOT give me an assortment of other girly-scented things from Bath & Body Works. I did NOT give him a box filled with individually wrapped items and each item did NOT have a note attached. The items were NOT symbols which represented my favorite moments with him. I did NOT cry while he opened them and read about each memory, because I am not a sappy romantic. My items did NOT include such cheesy things such as a spray can of cheese, a tin I made for him with the symbol of his fav drum corp, sunflower seeds, twinkies, post it notes, Russian Dressing, chocolate candy, hand warmers and hand-made pillowcases. He did NOT say that he loved it!!!

Because my kids did NOT leave 3 days before Christmas, I did NOT let them open their gifts here at home the Saturday before Christmas. I will now NOT bore you with pics of their morning!


Susie said...

It looks like you had a GREAT Christmas:-)

Puphigirl said...

So when do the kids comeback this week? Maybe we can get together for sledding. Monica has a great hill at her house.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Your family all look great! Hope that you all had a fantastic Christmas!
What a brilliant idea for a Christmas present that you DID NOT have! I'll have to remember that one for next year!

greenolive said...

that's a great gift that you gave Big D. Maybe I can do something like that for Valentine's day.