Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

It seemed like today would NEVER get here! Monday -- so time to reveal all that I did NOT say or do last week!

I did NOT attend a "Mom & Me" Christmas party with PrettyPrettyPrincess Monday afternoon over at the church. We did NOT make our own cute little ornaments and we did NOT have the most DE-LISH treats!!!!! (And I did NOT eat like a PIG. Nope, cuz that would have been very piggish of me!)

Tuesday I did NOT attend a work pot-luck with the office next door and I did NOT take a pineapple trifle and it was NOT nummy-nummy! There were NOT other yummy dishes too!

On Tuesday night I did NOT attend a church dinner for the ladies at church and FunnyMan did NOT sing a solo called "The Angels Came to Sing". It was NOT awesome! Oh, and they did NOT have this punch there that was Oh-My-Gosh-So-Freakin-Awesome! It was basically NOT peach-flavored drink mix, sprite and fresh cranberries! It was NOT pretty to look at and even better to taste! I will NOT be stealing that idea for an upcoming par-tay!

Wednesday night I did NOT go and visit with a few ladies of the church to check in on them and visit them and leave them with an uplifting message. The lady I went with did NOT have the cutest little Christmas - neighbor gift idea, which I will also NOT be stealing for my coworkers!

Thursday I did NOT go to a girls night out neighborhood Christmas party and once again, I did NOT eat and eat and eat. We did NOT have a white elephant gift exchange, and I did NOT laugh so hard at one gift in particular that I almost did NOT pee my pants.

I did NOT do all of this in addition to my finals for school. I was NOT stressed, and did NOT pull a few all nighters and I did NOT "give-up" Big-D until all of my finals were complete!

I did NOT spend five hours on Saturday writing a LONG essay for my last final of the semester. I am NOT anxious for them to post my grades this week so I can see what I got!!!

I did NOT look back on the week and see how much food I ate with all of the holiday parties and I did NOT feel like an oinker and I do NOT now feel like totally throwing up! Ugh!

I also did NOT mysteriously manage to rip a huge hole in my 850 thread count sheets during the middle of the night one night, and I don't know what the heck I was dreaming about!

My reward for completing my finals was NOT going to buy new sheets and NOT getting them on sale, in addition to a $10 off coupon and then I did NOT go and eat pizza with Big-D, cuz that would certainly mean more calories, and I already did NOT pig out!

So - what did you NOT do?


Deborah said...

I did NOT hire a maid yesterday because I am NOT stuck in a recliner as a precautionary measure due to my newly-discovered preborn baby making him- or herself known in slightly scary ways ... but I am NOT doing better since I've been in the recliner, and I have NOT been secretly wanting to hire a maid for a while anyway. I am NOT incredibly thankful that things seem to be better now, and I certainly am NOT looking forward to a baby next August.

By the way, I do NOT love your new Christmasy background.

greenolive said...

I did not get to put up the ward Christmas tree and I did not take some cinnamon glazed nuts to church which everybody did not rave about. Thank you Dad for not giving me the recipe.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I wish I tagged along with you last week....sounds like a yummy week!

Puphigirl said...

I did NOT get the results of an exam which I did NOT totally rock. I did NOT go shopping for Christmas presents with my husband. I did NOT eat some very delicious baklava at Apollo Burger.

Susie said...

I did NOT bake enough to fill a bakery:-)

BlueCastle said...

You're back! So glad to see you made it through finals. :) And once again, it sounds like your week was wayyyy more exciting than mine.

RhondaLue said...

I did NOT pig out too. I am NOT still pigging out. No, cuz that would just be piggish. lol

Ruthykins said...

i did not wrap all my kids' christmas presents last night. i was not happy that i did it while they were asleep so they didn't see anything.