Thursday, November 12, 2009

Would You Still Love Me If...?

I tend to think about love quite a bit on occasion. While giving this a spin or two in the ol' hamster wheel inside my head, the following thoughts occurred to me... Ok, sure, I might be able to fall in love with someone who worships the ground I walk on loves me back... but then what?

Seriously, Mr. Future-hubby-of-mine... I realize you'd fall in love with me... but then what? I mean...

Would you still love me if -

*you found out I might hog the blankets like a little extra blanket to snuggle with?

*I snore? (Not that I do, mind you... but what if I like all of a sudden, coincidentally started?)

*during the extra-dry months (like in the winter) have to coat the inside of my nose with a little Vaseline to keep nose-bleeds from happening?

*I hate folding laundry?

*I enjoy cooking but hate doing dishes?

*I correct your grammar every now and again?

*I took long hot soaks in the tub, probably using all of the hot water at night?

*when I hear a song I like, I *must* listen to it over and over until I know every word, every note and every breath--even if it means I'd listen to it like 200 times in a row?

*I like to jam to my tunes in the car, and I don't care who sees me?

*I use almost all the gas in the tank before filling it up, probably [secretly hoping] that you'll just be a gem and fill it up for me?

*sometimes, when you're not around, I'd eat popcorn in bed while watching DVDs... thereby leaving perhaps a wee little crumb or two?

*I failed to clean the hair from the tub drain every single time on occasion?

*I tend to get a little excited about some random topic and I wanna tell you like all about it, which may mean I'd might possibly talk a mile a minute and into the wee hours of the morning slightly past your bedtime?

*I wear socks to bed because I cannot stand the feeling of sheets against my bare feet?

*I *might* just request like 850+ thread count on our bed so I don't have to wear aforementioned socks during certain bedroom activities... like... er... um...enjoying chocolate in bed?

* I have a hard time winding down at night, and I talk in my sleep sometimes and I might tell you things that make no sense?

*I just may let it slip to the bishop how much I secretly enjoy speaking in church, and when he finally asks for us to be speakers I am so excited that I hurry and say yes before perhaps running it past you first?

*I insist kindly request that we wear costumes on Halloween and give you my puppy-dog eye look until you give in?

*I like to have dinner parties and invite people over every so often?

*I ask to go fishing with you at least once, making you risk your masculinity? Hey--at least it isn't hunting!

*I ask to go hunting with you sometime? (tee hee)

*I don't shave my legs every day in the winter and perhaps sometimes may have ever-so-slightly peach fuzz in my pits?

*I might like the idea of getting coordinating hoodies on our trip to Alaska?

*I'd practically insist beg you to take me to Alaska?

*I am not always as discreet with our PDA's as perhaps you're used to?

*I ask you not to shave for a while cuz I am way attracted to a little scruffy facial hair?

*I never get any thinner or better-looking than I am *right now* at this very moment?

*I *might* on accident, and on very rare occasion have a burp that goes astray and turns into a tiny little squeakoid and if you might even ever know about this thing which is very unlikely and highly improbable, you would be willing to go on record stating that such an incident never occurred?

-- and finally --

*I choose to blog about my/our experiences and feelings and quirks and just any old thing that might spark an interest out there in the blogosphere?

Huh??? Hmmm??? Would ya... could ya...? Could ya still love me even after all of that?

...just wonderin'...


Susie said...

A man who really loves you will take all that and love you more for them:-)

Puphigirl said...

I know Kyle has to put up with lots of my craziness. But I haven't yet found out what the limits are, and I am not willing to push it.

Ruthykins said...

i had to laugh when you mentioned correcting someone's grammar. that is something that i do to derek sometimes. i can only do it sometimes because it really drives him crazy. the one thing i always correct him on is "unthaw". need i say more?

purplehaze said...

When someone loves you they love you no matter what.

Blog Stalker said...

I loved this! This is the true measure of devotion for sure. He's out there.......GOOD LUCK!
(maybe at the library)

Have a great day!

Era said...

Here's to finding Mr. Right. I wear socks to bed too because my feet get cold easily.

RhondaLue said...

you need those 850+ thread count sheets NOW. Nobody should have to go to bed wearing socks when you could rub your feet against decadent soft luxury! MMMMM I like my bare feet in my sheets. And they're only like 500 thread count.

Yep, he'll still love you!